Rainy Tuesday Ramblings

Well well well, looks like SOMEONE played hooky from blogging yesterday… oops! 🙂 I took a much needed (and I feel like earned) day off! It was awesome. I unplugged from the computer, from working, from housework – I literally just took a day to do nothing (or nothing productive). I spent my day killing zombies (Hooray for Dead Island on the Xbox 360), watching Life of Pi, and vegging out. I even managed to squeeze in a nap! I have to remind myself that it’s important to give yourself breaks, and that just because there’s 30 things on my daily to-do list, it doesn’t mean if they don’t all get done it’s the end of the world.

Sometimes I feel like my days are spent just working and not taking the time to actually smile, laugh, have FUN and be present. I always feel so much better after I take a break and just relax my mind and body. I had a rough weekend and let myself get way too stressed out about small potatoes. I think sometimes when you’re exhausted and you’re doing so much but not seeing instant results, it just makes you even more exhausted. You spend hours cleaning just to have the house be a disaster the next day… I’m sure everyone can relate! So after talking to my Mom and Sister, who both said I needed to give myself a day off… I hate to admit – they were totally right!

So, before I tell you all about Life of Pi, I’ll catch you up. Remember my fringed out red scarf I was talking about last week? It’s all done and you can find it here.


Today I made my hubby some weather proof tool covers to put over the back of his truck and I’m going to start a new project.


My awesome big sis in her infinite coolness bought me some rad neon pink yarn, which I plan on making into cool crochet bracelets with a few patterns I found online. I’m excited to have something that’s much less time consuming to create, because as much as I love sewing and making necklaces, crocheting is my true love. I hope they turn out as cool as they look in my head, I’ll do show and tell for them next week if they do. If not, well then let’s just forget I told you about them. 😛

Alright, So.. Life of Pi, if you haven’t seen it yet, PLEASE watch it! It’s rare for me to watch a movie or read a book and feel like it has made me appreciate the world and how I see it, or feel like it truly touched me or could be life changing. This is one of those rare finds! It’s beautifully done. I laughed, I cried, it made me question the world and how I see it and impact it. It made me question faith, what faith is to me. It’s just one of those rare pieces that make you think, and that’s hard to find nowadays. It’s already at the top of my list. I’m sure everyone has books, movies, songs that touch them and change how they see things, feel things, remind them of the beauty of life and love. What are some of yours?

Here are a few of mine, there really are a lot of each category but these are the stand out ones.


Love Actually

Vanilla Sky

Life of Pi

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind



She’s come undone

Running with Scissors

White Oleander

A child called it (Which still makes me cry, even just thinking about it, and makes me want to hug and adopt every single child in the world.)

I love music and movies and art, and all these tools that we use in storytelling and as expression. It amazes me how we all connect on so many levels and how even if we’re completely different people or come from opposite worlds – we all connect and our lives touch in all these small ways. It’s beautiful and it makes my soul smile. So, that’s it for my reflective rainy Tuesday. I’m going to try and make Jenny a super rad bracelet and then wait for hubs to get home and have a quiet night catching up on shows. Has anyone been watching the Following? Aaaah, I’m so addicted! I hope everyone is having a great week, and if you’re not – change it!




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