Mondays are for the birds!

If you’ve ever stumbled into this blog before, you already know my stance on Mondays – yuck! Usually I try to psych myself up and put out all the positive vibes I can muster, fingers crossed that the Mondays will leave me be. I did all my cleaning, laundry, and even managed to give myself a facial and do my nails over the weekend so I this morning I could stumble out of bed and not feel overwhelmed. Sunday evening me is really super considerate and thoughtful of Monday morning me. I don’t know if it’s my allergies or a cold, (for whatever reason round 2 of winter has set in here and it’s been in the 40’s!) but I’ve literally sneezed like hundreds of times today. I’ve been trying to stay indoors for the most part, but (shame on me) since I’ve been smoking (don’t worry, only outside, and I wash my hands before I touch any of my lovely fabrics or yarns) again I have been making myself go outside to smoke.

Okay, random Lulu fact…. I’m seriously terrified of birds. Like irrationally, madly, pee your pants and faint kind of terrified. I’m okay if they’re at a distance, in fact I think they’re beautiful. I just don’t like them close. So imagine my anxiety when I look outside yesterday and it looks like a scene of The Birds by the wildly talented Alfred Hitchcock (p.s. if you haven’t seen the new Anthony Hopkins movie about him, do it – it’s super!). There are literally a hundred birds swooping down in my backyard, sitting on my fence, on my picnic table, on the umbrella above said table, swooping down on my back porch…. So because of this ridiculous irrational fear I take my kindle and put on the music really loud to go out and do my horrible disgusting habit. They’re literally swooping down about a foot away from me before realizing I’m there and quickly turning away. Pretty sure every time it happened I had a mini stroke of some sort. Today, they’re at it again! I have no idea what the big fuss is about. It’s never been like this before, no matter the season or weather. There’s SO many of them! I’m sure it’s some kind of conspiracy to give me a nervous breakdown. Silly birds!

I google everything. Okay, sorry, scratch that. I BING everything. (I really need to remember my google boycott). So of course, I bing? Binged? bang? whatever. I looked up how to get rid of birds on bing. There. Whew. So, I look it up, and they have all these little suggestions, all of which seem a bit tacky to put all over the back yard, but they do mention to just keep moving and birds won’t hurt you or land on you or bother. Basically the page was like “Haha you dummy, birds don’t hurt you, stop being such a sissy.” Now. Picture me, outside in my full “Florida winter” gear, hat, hoodie, gloves, scarf, fly swatter to wave (I know, I’m a complete doofus), kindle booming music sitting and sucking down a cig as quick as possible, flinching every time a bird gets near me (which is like every other minute). If you have followed along my blog this year, you’ve already met my sweet little stray kitty Clover. Now enter Clover. She comes sauntering into the backyard and meows, letting me know to stop slacking off and feed her, she doesn’t have all day. I don’t notice her, I’m too busy being paranoid (and sneezing) and watching the birds, ironically, like a hawk. So she moves closer and meows and looks up at me, with I swear what looks like a mix of judgement, pity, and mockery. I told her not to judge me and she walked by the bowl and just sat waiting to eat.

So that’s my day thus far. Lots of birds, sneezing, and being made fun of by a cat. I plan on eventually working on making some more wrap bracelets today, but I don’t want to sneeze all over them so I’ll wait out the sneezing. OH! That’s right! Wrap bracelets. My last update I was going to make pretty wrap bracelets with gorgeous bright pink yarn from my sister, sadly it was too thin for it to work out (it would have been too easy to break) so I’ll be using that for pretty fringe in my next pink scarf project. I DID manage to make a couple of the bracelets though! I like how they turned out, and I bought the stuff to make quite a few more. So stay tuned for that section of my shop to expand. You can find the two I have so far HERE. But, in case you want a sneak peek, here’s my favorite of the two.



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