Paying it Forward (PIF)

One of my favorite parts of being on Etsy has been meeting all the amazing shop owners. I’ve met SO many warm and big hearted people, with such an amazing love for what they do and such a great support system for everyone else they meet. I’ve been thinking a lot about how much all of my “Etsy” friends mean to me and how supportive they’ve all been. I was surprised how much I cared about my “online” friends at first, it just goes to show you that people are people, even if they’re just words on your screen and an picture every now and then. If I were to tell you about every single amazing person I’ve met on my journey on Etsy I would need the next year and a million posts, there really are THAT many! I tell my friends I love them all the time, and I think that they know how appreciative I am of the chats, shared smiles and giggles, and support or advice they’ve given me, and even bigger – the friendship. I’d like to share two of those friends with you today, not because the others don’t matter or mean just as much to me, but because I feel like they need that extra hug and support not just from me but from everyone. Not being personally mentioned in this blog doesn’t mean that I don’t think of you or send you hugs and warm thoughts daily, I truly think of everyone I’ve met on there in that capacity and with all the love and hope for them in my heart. So please, please don’t feel left out!

Dora is one of the most kind hearted, and FIERCE hearted people I’ve met on Etsy. She is the first to defend or protect any of her many friends, and one of the most talented artists and creators I’ve ever known. She has such a great and contagious spirit and is truly inspirational by her wisdom and strength. The girl is a LIONESS warrior! Right now sweet Dora is preparing to welcome another beautiful son into her life, and I’m sure any support or love anyone could give her would brighten her spirits and renew her strength as she goes through this blissful but stressful time in her life. You can find Dora’s beautiful work here and here. Here’s an example of some of her pieces that I just adore.


Isn’t it beautiful?


I just love this!

I have several of her art pieces and her jewelry and I wear or stare at them often. I truly believe that as artists and creators that a piece of us goes into our work and the spirit or love of it goes to the person that has it. Trust me when I say you need some Dora in your life! Don’t forget to check out her Facebook page!

Then we have the awesome Luci, Luci is captain of Hippie Peaceniks, where I’m also a leader. She’s been such an inspiration and support system for me since I joined the team, and even more so later when I became a leader. When my life is hectic and I feel overwhelmed, Luci is my go to girl for a boost and reminder to relax and take it easier. She’s had a hard year herself, transitioning from a move where she no longer lives with the love of her life. She’s keeping it together, but we all know what it’s like to be apart from your love and biggest support system. She’s holding a 30% off sale right now in both of her shops, which you can find here and here. She’s hoping to use the sale money to FINALLY be able to reunite with her sweetheart. They’ve been apart for way too long, and who doesn’t want to take part in helping love survive? I’ve ordered a few amazing yarn and tarn from Luci and some super adorable earrings, so I can attest that her work is amazing and you won’t be disappointed! Even kind words and favorites would make such a difference and warm her giant heart! You can find her facebook page here. Here are two of my favorite current listings in her shop!


Way too cool huh?


Love this!

Don’t forget to use coupon BOISEORBUST for 30% off. Just add items to your cart, and then click “apply coupon code” and ta-da!

Thinking about all of my amazing friends and how much I adore them, made me want to create a way for other people to give thanks and return the love and support that they’ve received, so I’ve come up with an idea to have a Pay it Forward, or for us Etsians PIF board. He’s my thoughts so far…..

“To get on the board, you have to be nominated. If someone “buys in” they Pay it Forward and nominate someone else. As a treat for those who buy in and PIF, they’ll get a promotion package. 5 faves of their items, 5 pins, 5 tweets, a post on the HippieP FB page. What do you guys think? Is that enough incentive to buy in? I’m thinking of calling it “Hippie Heart PIF Board”, what do you think? Anyone have anyone they’d like to nominate? I’m looking for people who support you, always helping out others, big hearts, need a love boost, etc. I’ll need 16 spots, so nominate away! Feel free to message me if you’d rather it be anonymous. They don’t have to be HippieP team members.”

I’d love to hear what everyone thinks and which way you think it should be run! I hope everyone has an amazing week, and remember to love everyone and tell them so, you never know what’s going on behind the screen and who may just need that virtual hug or smile today! And don’t forget, since it’s Monday, I’m guest blogging on the Hippie Peacenik blog and introducing members there for our Member Monday Feature! This weeks is Mrs. HippySticks, come check it out here!


Lulu of Divine Lulu Creations

Coming soon…..


Baby Alpaca, Cotton and KELP (how cool is that?!), and so many more of my fancy pants luxury gloves – stay tuned!


16 thoughts on “Paying it Forward (PIF)

  1. Awwww…. Lulu. I’m all weepy over here. I would like to nominate Dora. When I first started HippieP there were some rough patches, and Dora reached out to me and was very supportive. If it wasn’t for her I might have given up, but her encouragement meant a lot. I’d like an opportunity to show her my appreciation!

  2. Such a sweet blog and idea for PIF! You are amazing Lulu ❤ I'd like to nominate Lisa Marizan for all her kind words and kick butt promoting efforts! I've been going through a large rough patch for awhile and Lisa and Luci have both been amazing with a kind word or help whenever I've needed ❤

    • Awesome Dawn! Thank you so much for your nomination! Lisa is AMAZING and is always the first one to kick in support for anyone and everyone, she def deserves a big thank you!

  3. Hi Lulu… What a wonderful piece! I love the title Mondays are for the birds… Very cool. Although, Monday is a fresh start for the work week and it can be refreshing, (positive thinking new strategy for me). 😉
    I must agree about friends on Etsy and Face Book. I have built a network of great people who are ready to jump in at any opportunity to help when I have a question or a problem. I have been very fortunate in my human non-computer life as well with an awesome family and a close nit group of friends that are willing to go above and beyond the call of friendship in my time of need… honestly I have adopted them as my family.

    I love pay it forward; I think this is a great idea. I’m not sure if I need to buy in to nominate someone, and if I do let me know. I would like to nominate Lulu ,for all your hard work and sweet words! If I can nominate another person it would be Marsh Bourquin. She is an awesome lady who is caring for her mom and recently her hubby became unemployed. 😦

    Thank you Lulu for the wonderful blog and just to name a few things, how kind and considerate you are!!!

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