Monday Funday

Hello Monday! I was up bright and squirrely taking on the day and loving every minute of it. It’s a bit dreary looking outside here, so I’ve spent most of the day inside making my own sunshine. I love starting out the week on a high note, I firmly believe that you get all you put into the universe right back, so here I am Universe, smiling and happy – let’s keep it going okay?

First, it’s Monday… so that means I’m guest blogging over on the Hippie Peaceniks blog with another awesome Member Monday Feature. This week is Jennifer Price, come check her out! I am loving doing these, it’s so much fun getting to see behind the curtains of all their shops and lives. I love knowing that when I shop at a store I know the person behind the creation, it makes buying even more special!

Speaking of buying, remember my post about an idea for a Pay it Forward board? (You can find the post here.) Well, it’s up and running! I’m really pleased with all the love and support the nominees are getting, and I hope they’re all seeing great views/sales from it! We’ve got 8 spots left for the next round so stop by and say hi and show some love, and remember if you buy in you get to nominate someone for the next round! It’s a great way to share the love and support you get from your friends! Stop and shop here!

I’ve had a wonderful week full of happy comments and love coming my way and I’m feeling so good about things that are coming and happening right now in my life and my shop! I’ll be listing more bracelets in all kinds of spring fun colors, so make sure you visit my shop to see all the new goodies!

Remember to start your week with smiles and joy, and I promise you that it will come right back to you!




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