Meet Olive

Remember my little baby kitties I was taking care of for a few weeks? Well, we decided to keep one. Meet our little Olive Juice! Isn’t she a doll?



Usually I’d go through the week and talk about upcoming projects, stuff going on in my life, etc… but this is it for today! As I type, my little “angel” is running amuck, knocking over her water and climbing on the desk smacking at my fingertips. So that’s it for this week! I’m trying to take time to breathe and create in between my new cat mommy duties, but it’s hard with hubs away. I sure hope he gets to come home next weekend. I need a day off (Or better yet, we can switch places and I’LL go to Miami and get some sun while he takes over here)! Hope everyone has a great Monday, and the rest of the week. 

X’s and O’s,



3 thoughts on “Meet Olive

    • Thanks Cindy!! I think she’s a cutie too, but I’m biased! I’m glad I got to keep one too, it makes me feel good knowing at least some good came from all that stress!

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