Singin’ in the Rain

Good Morning! It’s another dreary rainy Monday here in Florida, all the little pets are sleeping and I’m shuffling about in my winter jammies and slippers, yawning every few minutes. What is it about rain that makes you so sleepy?! I’m a happy girl today though! Despite all the rain I’m following the advice of one of my favorite songs and I’m making my own sunshine!

For those of you that read my little blog and have been following along with my goals, I’ve got some exciting updates to share with you!

Holy Goal-y!

  • 500 likes on FB by 7/11 (342 so far) If you haven’t “liked” me, please do! You can find me HERE. I promise not to spam you with silliness. Just the occasional update or inspiration photo/quote and coupons. Who doesn’t love coupons??
  • 150 items listed by 7/11 (I’m currently at 122, with 10 things ready to list whenever the rain goes away!) You can find my new goodies in my shop HERE.
  • *****THIS IS THE BEST ONE***** 100 pounds lost by 7/11. (I’m at 80.2) If I could shoot rainbows out of my ears and throw confetti as you read this, I would. Just do me a favor and imagine it, okay? Thanks!
  • 100 sales by the end of the year (I’m at 70! Wahoo!)
  • 2,000 twitter followers by the end of the year (I’m at 1320, thank you sweet tweeties!)

So as you can see things are going great so far in 2013, and I’m excited to take it all on and see myself getting closer and closer to where I want to be! It’s hard sometimes to stay motivated, but in the end it’s really worth the struggle. I guess the cliche of “Nothing worthwhile ever comes easily” is a cliche for a reason, it’s true!

Today is earth day, and usually I would plant something but since I’m car-less and hubby-less this week, I’m just going to upcycle some things instead. I figure it counts because I’ll be saving something from adding onto the giant trash heap (Remember Fraggle rock? Love that!) and finding it another purpose. My 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up in a few months, and because I’m an overachiever I always get started early 🙂 My hubby and I met during a journalism class at High School, we flirted and were good friends when I broke out the old tried and true “I’m cold” line and he offered up a sweater. I offered at the end of the class to return it (hoping of course he’d say no) and he declined (Thank goodness!) so I kept the sweater for a few weeks, wearing it often. He finally got up the nerve to ask me out on a date, and I said yes. We went to an  awesome outdoor concert featuring several of both of our favorite bands and spent the day walking around, holding hands, hugging, stealing a smooch or two, and just enjoying ourselves… guess what I was wearing? You bet! The sweater! That night in true Danny fashion, instead of asking me to be his girlfriend, between smooches said “We should do this more often?” I said “What? Kiss?” He said “Yeah, but I mean be together.” And that was that. That was 12 years ago this October, and we got married 7/11/03. It’s crazy how time flies! So, almost 12 years later, guess what I still have? THE sweater! So I’m going to upcycle it and give it a new life as a gift to him. I’m thinking a surface sleeve and an envelope pillow case. Anyone have any suggestions?!

I’m counting down the days until he gets to come home next weekend, it will have been 2 weeks of not seeing him, but also 2 weeks since I had a day off from all the daily to-do’s here, so I’m looking forward to both! In the meantime, lots of creating will be going on here. Hope everyone has a great week filled with lots of smiles and happiness!

X’s and O’s,



3 thoughts on “Singin’ in the Rain

  1. Best of luck on reaching your goals, I know you can do it! And it is so sweet that you still have Dan’s sweater. I don’t have the first clue how to up-cycle something like that. Have an awesome week, Lulu!!!

    • Thanks Kathy!! It’s a sweatshirt/sweater so I THINK I can make it work for a few different things. I think a pillow case is probably the one that will last the longest though. I was thinking of making a reuseable tote/shopping bag at first but we go through those things every couple of years and I want it to last! Hope you have a fabulous week too Kathy 🙂

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