The Sweater

If you’ve been following my blog since the beginning, you MAY remember this from last July (Happy Anniversary to me!!) This July 11th will be my 10 year wedding anniversary! How exciting is that? It’s especially exciting because I OH-SO-LOVE being right about something, and he’s my best example! We met in newspaper class and I instantly fell in love, yes, at first sight. I whispered something to my best friend that is best left unwritten because it will totally tarnish the sweet post I’m attempting to make. 😉 After talking to one another and becoming friends, I totally pulled the cliche old trick of “being cold” and borrowing his sweater one day. I kept it, wearing it often (but not so often that he’d be like, dude, why’s that chick always wearing my sweater? Does she not have other clothes?) and hoping every day he wouldn’t ask for it back. In my mind at the time, him asking for it back meant that he didn’t like me back. Silly silly teenage stuff, you know the drill. So FINALLY he asked me out on a first date just before both of our birthdays, I was THRILLED! Like jumping up and down kind of thrilled, I literally drove everyone around me nuts waiting for the date, finally it came and thanks to some luck with the weather, I got to wear… you know where I’m going with this, right? THE SWEATER! So I’m with the guy that I’m head over heels for, wearing his sweater, listening to some of my favorite bands, stealing kisses and holding hands…. basically the best first date you can imagine. We dated for almost 2 years before we got married, and at the time, while my parents and family were supportive, they weren’t happy. “What are you thinking? You’ll be divorced in a year! You’re too young!” Etc Etc, blah blah. Now, while I’m not the type to gloat, or point out that all the nay-sayers (minus one couple who won’t be named) have all been divorced at least once since my nuptials, but Danny and I are still going strong. 10 years later, baby!

So, fast forward to today… I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of something sentimental but functional to give/make for Dan. A few weeks ago, guess what I found? Mhm, you knew I was going to go full circle with this – THE SWEATER! So I cut it up and decided to make something out of it. Today was part 1, I used the sleeves to make a neck pillow. My honey travels an awful lot, so I thought during those trips what better gift than something that his awesome wife made, using material that started it all. Plus it’s really soft and extra squishy, so totally great (I hope). Here’s the finished product.

ImagePretty cool, right? I think he’ll like it. I still have to decide if I’m going to make a regular throw pillow for the bed/sofa out of the rest, or make him a reuseable shopping bag. We always use them when we go shopping, so I thought that he could have his own to take for trips that go on long enough for him to go to the store.

I had a lovely Saturday spent with my big sister Jenny, and niece and dad as our driver – aren’t we fancy? No, we’re just without cars haha. So of course, what do two crafty girls DO on a Saturday? Duh, go to Hobby Lobby! Their prices aren’t as good as one would like, but they were having a sale so I managed to get Mommy dearest something I think she’ll like a lot and of course some felt, buttons, and other misc. goodies for moi! I have never made a pillow before, so I tried out a Pac Man Inspired mini pillow to get a feel for how it would go. Here’s my first go at it! Not to bad for a first time, but far from perfect so he won’t be listed.


Instead he’ll go live with my sisters beautiful Blythe dollies. Want to see some of my sister’s work?? You do! Trust me! This is one of her Custom Lamb Hat for Blythe, and here is her Custom Lamb Headband for Blythe. Gorgeous huh? I wish I had a tiny head!

So that’s pretty much my weekend, in a nutshell. Not too bad at all! Hopefully this week I can be productive and get some things listed, I took the past week off because I had so much going on with the pets and now I’m itching for that sweet fix you get when you make something and list it. I hope everyone else is enjoying spring and had a nice weekend, try not to flinch too much when Monday hits. Remember, it’s a fresh chance to have a great week!

X’s and O’s



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