Mother’s Day

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s day! Mine was great! I got to spend the day with my mom, sister Pam, my niece Chloe, and my other sister Jennifer. We had a nice lunch out and watched Guilt Trip, which was really good – so if you haven’t seen it, check it out! I love Barbara so anything with her is gold for me. Last night I decided to ask my mom some questions about her pregnancy with me, and what I was like as a child. I thought I’d share my little “interview” with her about me today with all of you.


How did you find out you were pregnant with me? Were you scared? Excited?

“Well I was sick, I went to the doctor thinking I had the flu – they said there’s one test we haven’t done, the pregnancy test. Came back and said “Well, you’re pregnant!” I cried, and laughed, I never thought I was pregnant, I just thought I had the flu. I was excited, very excited. I was told I couldn’t have any more kids. I had so many problems when I had jennifer, I was in the hospital a lot, it was a rough pregnancy. They told me I probably wouldn’t be able to have another baby, that’s why I call you my angel baby. My miracle baby. I think it was going to England, that’s where you were conceived! That’s why you’re named Elizabeth. I named you after the queen.”


This is a photo of my two older sisters, myself as a baby, and my Aunt Jeanne.


Were you sick while pregnant? What do you remember about the day I was born?

“Yes, not as sick as with Jennifer. But yes, sick. In the hospital a few times, and went into labor prematurely. That’s why you had respiratory problems. I was at home, had just gotten back from taking your sisters to school. I was by myself, your father was in chicago, it was snowing really bad. I had to drive myself to the hospital, I was scared. I had a lot of false labor, so I wasn’t sure if it was the real thing. I was all alone. But I was really excited, you were a beautiful dark haired baby that had a little grin, you smiled ever since. I didn’t want to let them take you. The doctor called your father, he didn’t realize you were born until after. He got there 5 hours later. I thought you were beautiful, I was so happy.”



This is my mom and I.


What was I like as a child? Was there anything about me that was different than your other girls?

You were an energetic little pistol. You didn’t like the outdoors.  I wasn’t in labor long with you, 6 hours. They had to induce me, I was having a hard time. You were a very happy kid, a very happy baby, always smiling or laughing. No medical issues. As a little girl you loved to play, barbies, big bird. You loved books. You were remembering the words in books, before you were even 2. I think you had a photogenic memory. I was shocked you could read so well so young. You were very loving, always were. People would come to visit, and you’d give them a bag of your toys. We’d have to sneak them back into the house.

What was my first word? What was our favorite thing to do together?

Your first word was Mommy. Play, you loved to play. I’d sit on the floor and we’d play baby dolls. We’d read to each other.


I think I’m around 7-9 in this picture.


What’s your favorite memory of my childhood?

When you were born. The cutest moment, you were walking down the aisle at my sister’s wedding. I was so proud of you, you did so great walking down the aisle you looked so pretty.

And your first day of kindergarten. I was so afraid you were going to cry when I took you to kindergarten. You didn’t cry, I did. You said “It’s okay mommy, don’t cry. I’ll see you in a little while.” I stood there crying like a fool. I kept saying “You’re not going to be gone but a few hours. Don’t be upset, mommy will be back to get you soon.” You got there and were so excited to go play, and I cried like an idiot.

On your first birthday, your father was in a meeting and running late. We put the cake down in front of you and you were getting very impatient. We kept saying “Just a few more  minutes, daddy will be here soon and we’ll have cake”. This went on for awhile and finally you put your face into the cake. You had chocolate cake all over you and your hands and we all just laughed. Even then you weren’t patient!

You were a joyous pleasure, and a challenge. You had your own way, you were so mart and intelligent. I had to up it to keep up with you.

It was really interesting to learn more about myself, it’s funny how a lot of the same things I loved as child I still really enjoy a lot. Like peach cobbler, apparently as a baby it was my favorite. Still love it! Mostly, I still am pretty happy and easy going and energetic, and love spending time with my mom. I think that’s the one thing I’ll never grow out of. I hope she had a great mother’s day. She’s been a wonderful mom, and made me all the (good) things I am today. Thanks mom! Happy Mother’s day!

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me. Have a great week everyone!

X’s and O’s,







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