Men come and go, Sisters are forever.

That saying could not feel more true than today. For those of you that are my facebook friends, or follow my business page, you’ve already heard the story… for those that don’t, yesterday was by far the most heartbreaking day I’ve had in awhile. Not because something happened to me, but because someone hurt my sister. If you have sisters, or daughters, or a woman in your life that has helped you without asking, without expecting a thank you, who has lifted you up on their shoulders time after time, even when they were down themselves, you will understand this story. That is my sister.

Jennifer has always been my hero, taken my side, heard me out through everything I’ve been through without judgement or getting anything in return. She’s been my best friend since I was a little girl, and she’s not just that for me. She’s that for everyone who has ever met her. She’s the kind of person that walks into a room and everyone looks at her, not just because she’s beautiful, but because she has an inner light that lights up everyone around her. Love, is what her spirit is always about. Through this giving nature and desire to make everyone happy, it has caused her great pain and dashed out her light as of yesterday.

She had been through a rough and painful divorce, in which she lost her home and was healing herself, finding her way and making herself better when she met John. John was loving, funny, a complete charmer. He told her everything she needed to hear, and in her vunerable state of just wanting to feel loved and appreciated, he was there and it’s in my opinion, he took advantage of it. He wasn’t well off, but had enough to start a new life, and even though he was older than her, he had such a young and fun spirit and seemed to think Jenny hung the moon. They were married. Shortly after, John changed. He wasn’t as affectionate, or loving, he wasn’t working, and after several failed money making endeavors, yesterday he gave up and left Jennifer.

After months of Jennifer supporting him, cheering him on like she does everyone else, and her forgoing getting glasses, contacts, or other things that most people deem necessities, while John used what little money he was making for other “Buy and flip” money losing opportunities and bought himself a new laptop. Jenny works very hard every week caring for her teen daughter, and makes her money through home daycare for a young toddler and selling her wonderful creations on Etsy. For months, John was unresponsive to Jennifer, not talking or communicating, just being negative and even mean and vindictive. He broke down her spirit, her confidence, diminished her worth to him and herself, and didn’t even support her means of making money and after all of that, he just left her while she was out of the house and then called to tell her he was gone. He stripped the house of anything of value, leaving all his sentimental possessions, like pictures of his children, grandchildren, and father who passed away. He left his wedding ring on the bathroom sink. He left her with no money, no food in the house, and rent due in 2 weeks. Stories like these happen all the time, and Jennifer is the first person to always want to step in and help. I just want her to get the help and love and support that she has given to everyone else in her life. So please, help me raise her up in this time of need. If you’d like to help….

Leave a comment, tell her you’re rooting for her. Sometimes knowing people care and are on your side really makes a different. Words do matter, and right now she has all of his negative words swimming in her mind. Let’s replace them with uplifting and loving ones!

Pay her shop a visit, favorite her items, maybe tweet one or pin one, every little view is one more person on her side, and while you may think that’s a small difference, every little bit is appreciated and makes us both thankful.

Share her story. Maybe someone in your life is going through something similar and will feel less alone, or be in a position to help her figure out the next stages in her life and what to do.

Donate directly to her. If you’re interested in doing so, you can make donations directly to her via Paypal. If you’d like her info, comment below.


Visit my shop and share the link and the story, please. One person can make a difference, every little bit helps. If we as women and people stand together when things like this happen we will all be stronger for it. Use coupon code JENNY for 25% off everything in my shop, it all goes to her.

I’ve never in my life asked for a handout, and I’m not now. I’m asking for love and support and kindness to be shown to someone who needs it and a hand up. She has spent every day of her life raising everyone around her up and I just want to help do that for her now, and I know my friends and family, and even strangers will hear her story and want to help, even with kind words.

Thank you for reading and have a great day. I’m taking this not as a blow to my sister, but as a new path coming her way. So let’s just make the new road a little less rocky!





11 thoughts on “Men come and go, Sisters are forever.

  1. Jennifer – you will get through this. Sounds like the best thing happened, even though it’s shocking and always hurts. I still go over some of my failed relationships… God bless you in the days ahead, and your lovely supportive sister!

    • I couldn’t agree more Troy! Thank you so much for reading and for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers, you’re so wonderful to do that! ❤ Thank you so much for tweeting this out as well, really sweet of you to do that.

  2. Jennifer! You have my unqualified love and support! Many people do not understand that lending a helping hand to another person is NOT a handout, but simply the point, in my opinion, of human existence – the realization that we all need one another. For anyone who does not understand, first hand, what it is like to need others, I hope they NEVER do learn that life lesson. I learned it from personal, painful, experience. I was not championed as a child, but I DID champion my sisters to the best of my ability. I KNOW what it is to be a big sister and I know what it means to have an adoring younger sister – a gift, a real gift in life that 🙂 …I was not championed as a young woman either (I no longer blame my parents; I am old enough now to realize JUST how hard life is!); and a man took great advantage of me at a very young age (17) due to my lack of confidence in myself until I hit a very rough bottom in my early 40’s. I was with him for over 20 years. BUT THAT is an OLD story…here is the NEW STORY – I found help and love and support from other people, primarily women. Find the right people Jennifer, do NOT settle for ONE IOTA less – it makes ALL the difference in the world! People can fool you too! So do NOT blame yourself – being a scum is the fault of the scum only, not the person who’s shoe becomes enmeshed in that! Take joy from your little sister’s support and take joy in the support of all who LOVE HER, and by extension, NOW LOVE YOU! I am, right now, the happiest I have ever been in my life! It took me some hard work and learning how to pick people by asking them to do things for me and then sticking with the ones that did not grumble…pick me up after work? no? grumble grumble? OFF with your head…YES!!! happy to? you, my friend get to stay! So, I had to learn, in the end to champion myself…and, then, SUDDENLY, I saw all those that were championing me too! I see a LITTLE more clearly now….and you my lovely Jennifer, will too! little by slowly! WE value you Jennifer! please feel free to ask Lulu for my FB profile link should you EVERY need to talk! We. Are. WITH. You! Much Love, Lee-Lee (Lisa) 🙂

    • Lisa, you are SO right on!! Thank you SO much Lee lee, for everything. You’re one in a million and so appreciated ❤ I KNOW she will get to that happy place you're in right now, and THIS is the first step!! Things are going to get so much better for her. Sometimes it has to hurt a little bit for it to get better and your story is an awesome example of that!! Thank you so so much for sharing that with us!! ❤ You girl!!!

  3. Jennifer, I just went through this same thing on new years eve morning at 3:30am my husband of 30 yrs just up and left, then i found out he closed our accounts and took all the money and left me with all the bills, I am still struggling month by month or I would help you with some money right now! But I will however spread the word and keep you in my prayers, I have found our Etsy family is one of the best there is! They all come together to help when your in need. I usually am on the flip side to, helping others but this time it flipped on me, so I totally understand what your going through, if you ever need to talk or vent please feel free to call upon me, I have a good ear too. you can contact me through my shop and if you would ever like to talk on the phone we can exchange #’s. You will survive, I know right now it hurts like hell! But you are a strong woman with strong friends and family backing you! and you can count me in as one of those people in your life as well! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and remember we will get through this! ♥

    Cathy from:

    • Thank you so much for reading, and sharing your story. I know it helps her to know she’s not alone in this and that what happened isn’t a reflection on her, but a reflection on him. I’m so sorry that you’ve been going through the same thing but so happy you both have a great sisterhood on Etsy to get you through it. I know that you both have happier days coming your way! Many blessings and hugs to you ❤

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