Celebrate every victory

I’ve been working for 225+ days trying to hit the 100 pound lost mark, and I finally did it June 12th!!!! While I’m not exactly where I want to be yet, I’m SO proud of myself for getting where I AM. I think sometimes we all get caught up in improving ourselves, our business, our lives that we don’t take pause to celebrate what we’ve already accomplished! So – I’m determined to do that! I’m so happy that I’m on the road to being a healthier person and that all the work I’ve done mind, body, and soul is making me a happier girl. I’ve been trying to go out of my way to put kindness into the world and only good, keeping my mind and heart free from the weight of things I can’t control, and it has been working. I have gotten so much good back that it just proves what I always thought and believed to be true, you truly DO “Get what you give”. I cannot thank everyone enough for all of your kind words to my sister the past week and all the support and love I get from everyone in my life every day. A good friend of mine (Thanks lisa) told me that you get to a point in your life where you decide you only want to keep the good people, the ones that lift you up and make you better instead of tugging you down and I think I’m at that point. Having toxic people makes YOU toxic. You really can be guilty by association, while people do not control your life, decisions, and feelings unless you let them – being around happy uplifting people motivates YOU to be the same. Misery loves company, but I’m too busy with Joy – sorry Misery!

If you follow this blog then you know that a couple of weeks ago it felt like the poo hit the fan, everything was falling down around me and I kept telling myself “It will pass, I’ll be stronger for it” and I am. Every little bump in the road or obstacle or heart ache I’ve ever had has made me a stronger and more compassionate person, I KNOW that I can do what I need to do on my own, and I’m lucky enough to not have to do it alone. I have such a great family, team mates, and friends and husband that lift me up when I’m down. I still miss my little peanut, and still cry when I think of how he’s gone, but it gives me peace knowing he isn’t in pain, isn’t fighting through the day, struggling to see and to be able to move without pain. I did the right thing, and sometimes the right thing hurts, but it doesn’t make it any less right.

I think that people wait to be happy. We all put markers on things we want done and say to ourselves “I’ll be happy when…” ” i lose 20 pounds” “I meet a good man” “I make more money”, and then guess what, we get there and we find another reason to delay the joy. I’m happy NOW, right here, right now! Happiness isn’t perfect, it isn’t about having ONLY good days and only good things happen to you, that is a charmed life and doesn’t belong to anyone. (Even the rich and famous) Happiness is imperfect and having bad days but still being able to see the good around you, because it’s there! Sometimes the rain clouds come in and we just can’t seem to find the light, but it’s there, we just have to keep looking. So, if you’re having one of those days or weeks, or hell even years, smile. Because it will only get better from here, find something to be happy about every day. Thinking happy thoughts really CAN make you fly! So, here’s my happy thoughts for today

  • Hubby is home for a week!
  • My little kitties are tiny terrors, but love me and trust me.
  • I have lost a freaking 100 pounds, that’s a tiny person! I have lost a tiny person!
  • My sister is okay and has less worries.
  • I have amazing friends, family, and even strangers when given a reason to be kind, ARE.
  • I love myself, even though I’m not perfect and I’m not who I want to be just yet, I’m okay always being a work in progress and I think I’m pretty freaking peachy keen AS IS.
  • I think you’re perfect too. 🙂

I hope that YOU have a lot of reasons to smile today, and every day! Your day is what you make it, so make today a great day! Smile, and those around you will smile too. Misery loves company, but JOY is contagious! Spread it baby!

X’s and O’s



8 thoughts on “Celebrate every victory

  1. youve set your true self free, congratulations! I learned to eat only what i want to eat but in tiny portions and to be patient, a slice of my own walnut stuffed bread, one slice a day with generous butter, one slice and to wait for tomorrow, tomorrow always comes, right? the weight just melts and I eat only the foods I love in small portions. I followed the Mypyramid.com 1000 cal per day diet. Excellent.

  2. I absolutely love your attitude, Lulu! And congratulations again on your AMAZING success – wow! You are so right that we have to choose to be happy, in the instant – nothing external is really going to make us happy if we don’t make the decision first ❤

  3. Great attitude, I try to have an attitude of gratitude for what I have been given. Love your stick-to-it-ness on the weight loss. My daughter is doing a similar thing and has lost 44 lbs!! Keep it up girlie!

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