Geeky Gals Guide to shark week

Yes! It’s my most favorite time of summer, no, I’m not talking about catching rays or faux tanning, or barbeques, though that’s all good fun too! I’m talking about SHARK WEEK! Last night kicked it off right with some awesome shows – including Shark after Dark Live, which I loved! Megalodon was pretty cool, but had a bit of a Mermaids Body Discovered vibe to it, which KIND OF felt like selling out. For me Shark week is all about learning facts, history, and seeing the amazing action shots that those too cool for school guys like Chris Fallon get for us. While there were some actual facts mixed in, it just had a mockumentary feel to it that I’m not used to seeing with shark week. That being said, I DO appreciate that shows like that get people interested and motivated to help protect the ocean and all the magnificent creatures that live there, like my favorite toothy friend – the Great White. If believing in Santa Clause can inspire people to grow up appreciating the tradition, make kids behave (After all, Santa is watching!), and inspire people to open their hearts and be more giving.. maybe believing in Megalodon will inspire the new generation to protect ocean wildlife or learn more about sharks in general. So cheers to them for trying new ways to appeal to a wide range of audience and keeping the interest on shark preservation!

So, how does one prepare for shark week? Well, step one. You absolutely need sharky food. Cold Stone Creamery has an awesome (and oh so tasty!) shark week ice cream this year, which I of course HAD to try! It’s super yummy, and if you sign up for their emails, you get a coupon for a buy one get one free creation – which means unlike the sharks, you don’t have to swim and eat solo, take a CHUM! Baddabing 🙂

There’s also some really cool how to videos on making shark goodies. This one is my favorite by far. Watermelon shark? Uh, yes please! If I wasn’t so lazy I would so make one of these bad boys!

Step 2, You have to embrace the spirit of the shark! I personally like to go for a stealthy shark attack, and this is my weapon of choice.

I recommend humming the jaws music pre-attack, and sneaking up on people. Since my hubby is at work this morning, the cats have already gotten used to my sharky friend and are no longer phased. Sad face. New plan, there may be a shark attack in hubby’s future… maybe the shower? No place is safe!

Step 3, DVR is your bestie. We can’t sit around all day and watch only shark week…. well, I mean, we COULD. I prefer to record and swim right through those commercials though. Saves time for more sharky goodness!

Step 4. Buy 100 shark teeth to make various toothy jewelry. Okay, so not everyone needs to do this one. But I felt the need! I do love Ebay, because when I get a crazy idea, it always has the answer to my whim. So, pretty soon you’ll be seeing me sport my new goodies, and peddlin them like a gypsy in my Etsy shop.

And finally, take a new outlook on life. “Live every week like shark week” Sharks are like giant toothy honey badgers, they don’t give a shit! They want to see what you are, what you taste like, if they can’t eat you, they don’t care! Clearly this fish has it allllll figured out, 99 problems but fish ain’t one. Don’t stress, be like a shark! And if that can’t keep your chin up, no matter HOW bad your day is, just remember – at least you aren’t a seal! 🙂 Enjoy shark week, I know I will!! But first I have to break in my new kicks I got over the weekend and burn off that shark week ice cream!




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