Goodbye, Dexter – Hello, not so great new shows.

First of all – if you HAVE NOT watched the series finale of Dexter, stop reading! Seriously, close the window and come back when you have, I do not want to ruin the end for you and there will be spoilers here! Last chance……

Okay, if you’re still reading I assume you’ve seen the last new episode of Dexter that’s ever going to air, sad face. Or you don’t watch Dexter at all and don’t care (Which can’t be true, right?? Watch it! It’s got something for everyone!). Let me first start by saying that I’ve loved and watched Dexter from the very beginning, but… if I’m being honest… I’m a little disappointed. Maybe no matter what the ending was I would have been displeased because I’m a huge fan and saying “goodbye” to my little murderous weirdo hearth throb is a huge bummer. I don’t know man, it just felt like it didn’t really end so much as fade to black in a new life that we never know about.

Dan and I both were a little disappointed with the lead up to the end of the series we adored and watched together (one of VERY few shows we both really enjoy and like watching together, even though he’s a big Cheaty McCheater pants and totally always reads episode recaps prior to watching the show. I mean, who even does that?? Silly men.) but we were hoping for a BIG FINISH like every other season has provided. Leading up to the last 10 minutes of the last episode (again, super sad face) we were talking and figuring out where it was going (though really it was just Dan humoring me because the little ass had already read and knew what was going to happen.) I thought 1. Dex and Saxon would kill each other like some weird giant squid/whale fight and the “monster” would take out the “MONSTER”. Or 2. Dex would kill Saxon and skip off to Argentina to be the Clyde to Hanna’s Bonnie, with cutie pie harrison along for the ride. OR 3. Dex would die in the ocean with Deb….. So imagine my shock as I’m getting ready to turn off the tv happy that it had a great ending…when behold… Freaking lumberjack Dex. REALLY? So… just wait… let me get this straight. I totally get that he wanted to save those around him from himself, and that literally everything in his past has ended up with those who loved him and he loved to end up dead in some horrific and violent way… but seriously? Sigh. It is what it is. I’m sad that they opened a new door without exploring what is really behind it, but I’m grateful he’s alive and starting over – whatever that may mean for him. I guess I’m just not happy because I seriously HAVE to know the end to things. So now I want to know all about this new starting over life. Does he still kill? Will he ever find Harrison and Hanna and be a little family unit? As always the writers of the show have totally mind blown me and then rode off into the sunset….. apparently to be lumberjacks.

In other news, I watched the new shows “Mom” and “Dads” which are apparently unrelated and have nothing to do with each other, much like my own Mom and Dad – BADDABING! Anywho, I love Seth Green – like I would have his little Greenie babies, I’ve always been a huge fan and watched the most ridiculous stuff just to hear his voice/see him. Like some weird cartoon that’s about star wars but not, and a chicken? I don’t know. I just know I watched it, because he was involved. Dads is okay. It’s not horrible, it’s not great, it just is. Which is honestly better than a lot of shows that have huge followings. Coughcough 2 Broke Girls cough cough. I don’t know, I like shows that have hidden humor. Smart little gems hidden into the writing. Castle, Big Bang Theory, Whitney. So, Whitney is gone but 2 Broke Girls is a hit? Someone explain this to me! Oh, right, back on track… Mom is also “Eh.” I would say it’s a lesser “eh” than the eh I gave to Dads, mostly because some of it made me roll my eyes so hard I believe I gave my eyes whip lash. Again, not horrible. Not great. I’m hoping that because they are NEW shows they are just dealing with the awkward baby bambi legs and will become watchable programs, mostly because I’m running out of shows to watch. Breaking Bad series finale is Sunday, so I’m down two shows! Anyone have any recommendations? Aside from 2 broke girls, which Dan already makes me watch, but that I hate. I need something that I can talk Dan into watching too because if our t.v. time is left up to him I’ll be watching Mystery Diners, Renovation Realities, Holmes on Homes, etc. This old house. ZZzzzzZzzz So help a girl out! Anyone find any decent new shows?!

Hope everyone is having a super fabulous week, Wednesday is always my Wonder Woman day, I’m too tired Monday to really be productive, Tuesday I manage to get some things done, Wednesday I panic because I have so much to do and try to do it all in one day, Thursday I bask in my wednesday glory and am semi productive, Friday I make my bitch, and I’m utterly useless Saturday and Sunday. So now I can check bloggin’ off my to do list for my Wonder Woman day, hit the showers (I worked out 2 hours, yeah, that’s what’s up) and sew in some elastic for the TWELVE headbands I cut out, sew together, ironed, etc. Told you, Wonder Woman Day! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Dexter – Hello, not so great new shows.

  1. Well, I had to skip the first half, because I haven’t (don’t fall over) watched Dexter. There is so much drivel on TV now, that I mainly watch a channel that plays 60’s re-runs, or stuff on Netflix. If you have Netflix, I can suggest a ton of wonderful shows and if you don’t have it you should get it!

    • I do not have Netflix, but share the shows names! I’m sure I can find them on Amazon Prime or other mysterious show watching ways 😉 I watch a lot of shows, mostly because I have a horrible flaw in my makeup that if I watch the first season, I feel like I have to watch all the others (even if the show goes downhill) because I HAVE to know what happens!

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