Month of Thanks: Day 1 & 2

This month I always like to take the time to be present in the joys that fill my days, big and small. I try to do this throughout the entire year, of course, but I figure it’s a lovely excuse to not only share these small joys, but also to get back into the groove with blogging.

Day 1:
I am thankful for my loving husband, who does thoughtful and tiring things to make me happy. For my birthday he spent his first days off in weeks painting my new work space, painting the living room (even though he was tired, and liked the existing paint), and having carpet installed along with installing a doorbell that also chimes out back in the yard, so I never miss someone at the door again. Having someone that not only does things for no reason other than to make you happy is such a blessing, even more so when he’s really very cute. I’m a very lucky girl.

Day 2:
I’m thankful for my kitties, who make me smile and laugh, even when they’re being obnoxious. They are all so different and special in their own ways and it’s so great to have their love and affection. Especially since I feel like cats are less freely giving of their affections, unlike dogs, who love you anyway. Cats are more picky in their love, and so it’s even more special to receive it.

I hope that you find time in your days this month, and every month, to look for the small joys and miracles that are in all our lives.

Wishing you all many blessings & sending you all lots of love,








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