Month of Thanks: Day 3 & 4

I’m only on day 4 and I’m already having a hard time picking just ONE thing to be thankful for each day! That’s a wonderful feeling to have, and makes me feel very blessed that I have so many good people and joy in my life. These are not in order of importance, or the ONLY things I’m thankful for, but merely something I chose to share and acknowledge the joy it brought me for that particular day.

Day 3: Custom orders! I can’t begin to tell you how exciting I find custom orders. I love making things in general, of course, that’s why I do what I do. There’s something special about custom orders though. I guess most of the time when I create something it comes from my mind, or more often than not, I want something and decide to make one for myself and enjoy the process so much that I make a few spares to sell. It always comes from my mind, design, and vision.  With a custom order, you try to use another persons perspective and create THEIR vision. There’s just something special about someone choosing you and your shop and talent to bring to life something they want, or to fill a need they have. It’s a great feeling and I’m so lucky to have gotten a couple of fun custom orders to fill my days with. One is already completed and in the mail, and the other I’m excited to start!

Day 4: I’m thankful for my family. Even when times are hard, or their lives are stressful, they always try their best to make me feel loved, important, and cherished. My birthday was recently, and my sister Jennifer, niece, and Dad chipped in to get me an Etsy gift card…which I of course used INSTANTLY to order a giant shark for my office from my dear from Christina of LakeShoreHome…because who doesn’t need a giant shark in their office? You should totally get your own! 


Tell me that’s not bad ass! I absolutely love her, her shop, and her amazing talent and I’m SO freaking stoked to get my shark, because I also LOVE sharks! So big huge thanks to my sister, niece and dad – as you can see I put my gift card to most excellent use! Then today, as I’m checking the mail – I happen across a beautiful card from my Auntie Jeanne, who I love more than my luggage (and I really super love my luggage) and she was such a sweetheart to include a gift card to one of my favorite shopping spots… Michaels!! And just when you would think that the birthday gifts would stop rolling in… I get a lunch date with my Mom and oldest sister. You just can’t beat that! I can’t believe how spoiled and lucky I am. Being the baby in the family definitely has its perks! 🙂 More than that, I know they all love me and wish great things for me, which is really the only gift I need or want from them. My sister Jenny’s birthday is tomorrow, and of course I’ll save the long rant about how thankful I am for her for then. Till tomorrow!

Big hugs and lots of love,



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