Month of Thanks: Day 5 – Happy Birthday Jenny!

Day 5:

Today I am thankful for Jenny. Jenny is my middle sister, you may remember her from my posts about her HERE and HERE. She’s always been one of the biggest inspirations in my life, and my biggest cheerleader and fan. Which works out, because I’m hers. I’m lucky to have her not only as a sister, but as a best friend. I think sometimes in life we are lucky enough to meet someone that just “gets” us, accepts us, loves us unconditionally, and they become your “person”. One of the first people you want to call when you’re having the best day ever, or the worst day ever. Someone you tell all your wishes, dreams, secrets, mistakes, and embarrassingly funny stories to. There are things that Jenny knows that I would never ever tell anyone else, because I know it’s safe with her. She’s like that for almost everyone in her life. She’s the kind of person that you meet and tell your whole life story to, without thinking about it. (Trust me, this happens to her ALL THE TIME.) She just has a bright light in her that shines out into the world around her and you can’t help but to be drawn to it.

Sadly, the wrong people are often drawn to it. I think that darkness is attracted to light because it envies it, and sometimes because for whatever reason when people see a bright spot in the world, they want to dim it. Jenny has gone through some hard times, but she’s never ever let that light dim. In fact, I think she’s shining even brighter now. I could literally write a novel about how many times she’s helped me through something, laughed at something horrible that happened with me so I didn’t cry, defended me against bullies and people that tried to hurt me, stood up for me, offered advice or just to listen, and how many funny inside jokes we have. She’s so bright, beautiful, funny, and sweet, and you just can’t help but adore her. There’s just something about Jenny.

I’m sure you all know someone like that in your life, someone that you look up to and trust and are connected to. I’m lucky to have her as my person, and I hope everyone has a Jenny in their life, because we all need one. Happy Birthday to my Jenny, and all the love and hugs in the world to all the “Jennys” out there who smile and laugh even when they’re upset, and always put others first, even if they get left in the lurch. The world needs more of them! 

Isn’t she cute? 




She’s single, but there’s a very strict application process. So before you get too excited, you’ll need to fill out all the necessary forms and go through the screening process. 🙂 Also, if anyone knows Johnny Depp, go ahead and send this to him. He’s already been approved!! 


Till tomorrow,

X’s and O’s


P.s. Here is some eye candy I shared for Jenny today, you’re welcome. 



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