Month of Thanks: Days 6 & 7

There are so many huge things in my life that I’m thankful for each and every day, so it’s the little things on my mind this morning. Yesterday I made it a point to write down things that made me smile… Here’s my list.

Day 6:
* Waking up at exactly 6:59, so my alarm doesn’t go off and make me crabby.
* Being greeted by happy kitties who want to say good morning, and get treats.
* Slippers that are fuzzy on the inside.
* Books. I love escaping into another world, or learning something I thought I couldn’t.
* The feeling you get when you turn on the radio and your favorite song is playing.
*The surge of energy you get when you finish a workout
* Texts from my sisters and mom
* checking the mail and getting something that you’ve been looking forward to.
* Hearing I’ve made someone’s day.
* Having my Dad visit and help me hang something, laugh at how I tried to hang it, and then do it the right way with a smile.
* Relaxing and listening to an audiobook while I work on a big custom order.
* Talking to my family on the phone, and laughing.
* Checking off the last thing from the to do list.
* pajamas fresh out of the dryer.
* Talking to Dan before bed, and scolding him about taking medicine because he’s sick.
* Going to bed and having both cats run in to get their spots on the bed.

Day 7: I’m thankful that I wake up each day with a long to do list, and have so many things that make me smile every single day. I love the quiet calm in the morning while I sit outside and hear birds starting their morning in the dewy fog. I love my life and the amazing people and little moments that make up my days. I love my future, and the work that I’m doing now to get it.

I hope that you take time today to appreciate the small details of what makes up your life. Have an amazing day!

X’s and O’s,


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