Month of Thanks: Day 14 – Easy Christmas Shopping Guide

Today I am thankful for all of the wonderful artists and shop owners I’ve met on Etsy. There are SO many wonderful friends and shops that I’ve found on my little business adventure that I could not list them all, so I won’t try. There are a few that I’ve purchased from more than once and that I truly say I can stand behind their quality and dedication of work 100%. Even that will be a VERY long list, so here are just a few. Not an any particular order, and I’m sure I’m leaving a lot of my favorites off, so my apologies if you were not included. It’s not that I don’t adore you and your products, I’m just getting absent minded 😉 


So here’s my go to gift buying shops for the holidays, I hope you enjoy them, and they help check off some important people on your christmas list this year! 

  • LakeShoreHome – For amazing home decor items and SO much more. Her work is astounding, and she does the best custom orders! 
  • ThisArtOfMineUS – Lucinda is such a dear heart, and she makes fabulous cards, art, jewelry and everything else under the sun. You’re sure to find something unique for a loved one here! 
  • ChumakaDesigns – One of my favorites! She has fantastic jewelry, BEAUTIFUL art, and she does impeccable work! She’ll even size things to fit you, how great is that! 
  • GreenPhoenixDesigns – What an amazing shop! She has adorable accessories made by her daughter Rachel, and vintage, handmade… you name it! 
  • PaperPastiche – I LOVE this shop! Her designs are so colorful and inspirational. I love her little hang ups, and journals! So unique and quirky, perfect for those with artistic flair and who love color and nature! 
  • PraytorProject – Such amazing jewelry, her steampunk pieces are SO awesome – and she always has great deals and any color you can imagine! 
  • SoraCreations – This shop is owned by two of my favorite shop owners as a collab. There is something for everyone here, and they do the most amazing work! 
  • Cutterstone – I absolutely love this shop, and I can’t visit it without finding something I love! They are a husband and wife duo with incredible taste and eye for detail. I love love love their jewelry! Especially the copper earrings and chain bracelets! Fabulous! 
  • ArtisticFunk – I’ve known Lisa for awhile now, and she was one of my very first Etsy friends. I absolutely love her artistic flair and love that she pours into every single piece. She does the most amazing custom orders and is constantly adding something new and amazing to her beautiful shop! She’s one of a kind, and every piece that leaves her shop is as well. You can’t beat her funky, fun, and playful spirit that shines through her creations! 
  • MondaysChildPrims – This shop is absolutely beautiful. She always has the most gorgeous home decor for any and every season, her items are so detailed and done with such care that you can’t help but fall in love. 
  • GypsyThatIWas – This lady has talent and sass coming out of the wazoo! You can find something to fit any style or taste, and her work is SO impeccable, you can tell she loves what she does in the way it comes out. Every piece is unique and captures a vibe or mood, her scarves are AMAZING! 
  • TrueTreatsPetBakery – Great gifts for a pet lover/owner! Peanut was such a picky finicky eater that he rarely ever bothered with treats. But he LOVED the pumpkin and cheddar ones from this shop! Peanut tested and approved goes a long way, not many made the cut! 
  • WeaversHomestead – one of my favorite people on the planet. This lady has such love and spirit, and she does the most amazing work! You can find things for the littles, and the grown ups on your list that they will love! 
  • AlohaCookieGirl – Most beautiful and personalized gift tags you can imagine! She does amazing work and every single piece that leaves her shop is PERFECT! It is the “star on top” when it comes to the gift season, every gift should have one of her special tags!
  • SophiesHatsAndMore – First, let me say, I absolutely love this shop and it’s owner. She gives discounts to those with cancer and other conditions that lead to hair loss. She is always willing to work on a custom idea, and her hats make you FEEL beautiful. What more could you ask for? Not to mention her beautiful upcycled or recycled vintage inspired hats and hair accessories. Seriously, one of my favorite shops. I wear my hats often and with a big smile. 
  • LaurieShanholtzer – Absolutely stunning art. Perfect for nurseries, or anywhere in the home. Her art is breathtaking and truly captures the spirit of the people she paints. Each piece tells a beautiful story and touches the heart! She always has the most amazing christmas cards! 
  • SNGInspirations – I LOVE this shop! Something for everyone and every home, absolutely beautiful work and her new purses are TO DIE FOR! 
  • FlowerTownOriginals – I love her designs and bright colors. I kid you not, if I ever come into money, I’ll own one of everything she does. Her creations make you smile and feel JOYFUL! 
  • TwiggyAndOpal – One of the most beautiful shops I know. Her color combos and blends are amazing and she has one heck of an artistic eye for design. Her quilts and home decor items are STUNNING! 
  • SarahsFabCreations – Patterns, little bags, crochet accessories that just scream “Cozy”, what more can you ask for? I still use my adorable I Love Lucy coin purse! 
  • StarJewels – Beautiful and cheerful designs, in every color you can imagine. Her work is stunning and unique and will make you feel happy. 
  • CAMermaidJewelry – So fun and super quality! This shop makes me want to get all pierced up, the body jewelry is way too cool for school and so is every other piece in this shop! You could check off your entire christmas list in this one shop! 
  • HandmadeByCosmo – The cutest darn critters you’ll ever see in your life! She does fantastic custom orders and is sweet as pie, you’ll make a new best friend from talking to this gal! 
  • Gratefulbeads – I swear she really does have fairies working in her shop! Her designs and creations are absolutely amazing, I am wearing one of my necklaces right now in fact! I’m absolutely smitten with everything in this shop! 
  • ToppyToppyKnits – Beautiful shop, filled with wonderful gifts idea for everyone in your family (and yourself). She does stunning work! 
  • BagsByHags45 – Seriously one of the best people I know. She has so much love and care for everyone around her and I can honestly say, I want to be just like Marsha when I grow up. She has the most amazing and affordable gifts for everyone that you could possibly find! And her fabrics are crazy amazing! 
  • CarlysHaven – I absolutely adore this shop! She always has the cutest things in there and is constantly restocking and adding even more beauties! Make sure you follow her on Facebook to see what’s coming, and to bookmark her page! Trust me, you’ll want to visit often! 
  • MosaicMargalita – The most beautiful mosaic pieces you’ll see. So gorgeous and inspiring, she truly paints with glass and it’s stunning! 

No matter where you shop this Christmas, shop handmade! Not only will the quality of the gifts you give be a much higher standard, but they will truly be unique and one of a kind. Not to mention far more personalized. When you buy handmade, you’re directly affecting someone who pours their love, creativity, time, money, and spirit into trying to do what they love. You’re saying to them “Your work is beautiful and so is your dream.” Isn’t that the dream? To get up every day and do what you love? Every single one of these shops does this. Regardless of how much money they make each day, week, month, or year. The courage that takes is astounding and these are the kind of shops we should fight to keep open! So go browse and check off your christmas list in your pjs 🙂 

X’s and O’s,




30 thoughts on “Month of Thanks: Day 14 – Easy Christmas Shopping Guide

  1. Thank you so much, Lulu! I know many of these shops and shop owners and I too own some of their work. I am honored to be included among them. Handmade gifts are THE BEST gifts to give and to get!

    • You’re so welcome Marsha! You’re such a lovely person. My heart goes out to you with all the hard moments you’ve had being a full time care giver. Big hugs to you, girl. You’re an inspiration!

  2. What a generous post, written with a big heart, Lulu !!
    You are such a sweet person, thank you for including my little Mosaic shop among all these wonderful shops !!!

  3. Coming a little tardy to the party, BUT – I am humbled by your lovely description of myself and my creations. AND by being included in this handpicked group, too! Thanks very much for taking time to assemble this guide for holiday gifts. And don’t forget to visit Lulu’s shop, too. She wouldn’t tell you herself, but she also is oozing creativity, talent, and sass!!

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