Month of Thanks: Days 15-17

Day 15: I’m so thankful for Mindy Kaling. I loved her on the office, love her double on The Mindy Show, and now as I’m finishing up her book, I love her so much I hate her. Like those dogs that are so weird, alien, and ugly (pugs, I’m talking to you!), that they circle back around to being adorable. Now that I love Mindy so much, I hate her for not having more books, or a daily show. Like Ellen, my love for Ellen is soothed every week day at 4. But, Mindy, I get once a week. What’s with that Mins? I can call her that now because she’s my best friend, obs. Mostly I’m just super thankful that there are so many hilarious women on TV, writing books, and slowly hopefully taking over the world. Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Chelsea freakin Handler, duh, Mindy. In fact there are SO many amazing female comedians, writers, tv personas, that I can’t even remember them all! And I’m not talking ditzy heehee, I slipped and my boobs fell out kind of funny. They look real, have wit, and make me LMFAO. So thank you all you funny beyotches, it makes me happy that we’re finally taking over comedy. Now we just one of them in office, the big oval one, and hello world peace! You know, if there ever is world peace, all the miss America finalists are in deep and will have to rewrite all of their answers.

Day 16: I’m thankful for adult conversation and a break from my usual routine of basically not doing anything but work, workout, study, or other no fun grown up stuffs. My mother in law and I went on a thrift shop adventure, where I did not get a big ass coat or your granddad’s clothes, sadly. I did get some antlers that are JUST for cats, according to the package, NO DOGS ALLOWED! So of course this is what came of it. Olive wouldn’t wear it, but jingles (reindeer name Jingle Bells) did. She’s of course my favorite. You’re welcome for sharing. The world needs more catdeers.



Day 17: I’m grateful for my amazing customers who constantly drive me to try new things, and give me amazing custom orders! Here’s one of my favorite customers, people, and friends wearing her custom order from a couple months ago.

Isn’t she too cool for school? Love that girl to pieces!!



She had me do an amazing fringed out cowl and gloves set, she’s totally rockin it! I love seeing or hearing about people wearing/using something I’ve made, it always makes my day and reminds me why I pour so much time, money, energy, and myself into my work. How lucky am I to have customers like that? So thankful!

Hope everyone had a super fabulous weekend!

X’s and O’s,


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