Month of Thanks: Days 18-20

Day 18: I’m thankful that Mondays are only once a week.

Day 19: I’m thankful for little last minute visits with my Mom and Joanns finally getting the yarn I need in the color I need, to finish my custom order. Hooray!! I’m also thankful that I flipped my cake onto the other cake without disaster. The first (and last time since yesterday) I tried doing it, it was a horror show. The cake was murdered! Ever since, Dan has been the cake flipper, but since he was out of town I had to give it a go (Or do a lame one layer cake, no bueno) for my sister’s birthday cake. Yay for success!

Day 20: I’m thankful that my Mom met her loser first husband so that my sister Pam could be in the world and our family, there are a lot of childhood memories that we share with my other sister Jenny, that still make us all laugh today. I’m so happy that she has someone in her life that is treating her amazing and that she’s happy. She’s had it hard for awhile, and I’m happy she’s so happy. Happy Birthday, Pam! I hope she has a great day, and she enjoys her cake, food, and gifts this afternoon when she visits. 🙂


Cute, eh? We have good genes. Thanks mom and Dad!

For whatever reason, today feels like a Monday (again!) and I’m barely functional as of yet. So lucky you, this is a short and sweet one. Hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with many blessings to be thankful for!

x’s and o’s



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