Family Book Club

I love the idea of a family book club! My sister and I always share books we enjoy, it’s a great way to connect!

RoofTop Creations

I haven’t yet started the assigned novel for my monthly women’s book club……..

Instead, I am reading the young adult novel, Divergent…..and not because it is about to be released as a big-budget Hollywood movie……but simply because Jake suggested I do.

Books connect me to my children.  I suggest a favorite to them, and they suggest their favorites to me.  My sons are 14 and 21 and when they suggest a book…..I ALWAYS, ALWAYS read it.  Because after I’ve read it, we have one more shared experience.  And as our children grow, finding and creating shared experiences gets harder and harder.

Way back when, I read their favorites aloud….again and again.  We snuggled in flannel pajamas and those wonderful words became forever etched in my memory.  And my favorite story tellings were embellished with hand and facial gestures and even silly voices.  Cause when your child is only three years old…..he…

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