A “Great” Love and A-ha moments

I’ve always loved to read. Even as a little girl, when my family would go to the library, I’d have 20 books picked out. My dad would always remind me “Elizabeth, we’ll be back in a week. You only need to get a few books that you will read in a week, and get the others next time.” I would put back one or two, thinking that 18 books was too few to last me an entire week, and more often than not, I was usually right. I read everything I could get my hands on. Stories of adventure, growing up, silly antics, you name it, I read it. As I grew older, my taste in books adapted and grew, but my love of reading never ceased. I loved going to the library, I loved that I was holding in my hands someone else’s thoughts, dreams, and journey, and that so many other hands held the same book. While the grown up me finds that thought a little less romantic, and a little more germy, I still feel that way. The way the books smell. You know, that old musty library smell. To me, that’s what knowledge, adventure, and romance smell like. I love old books, with worn out binding and turned down edges, I love the way the old special leather ones smell, I always felt so at home in the racks and racks of words. To me, writing was a form of magic. You could transform your readers into a villain, a princess, a superhero, a detective, or a hopeless romantic. I loved going on those little adventures. You open a book, and your imagination opens too, you fall into the story and either become the person the book is about, or you become a silent watcher, watching it all unfold. As a grown up, there is less time for reading than I’d like, but when I do take the time, it’s like visiting an old friend. I barter with myself for one more chapter when it’s bed time, just as I used to do with my mom. Some things never change.


Recently I read Nicholas Sparks “The Longest Ride”. I’m not typically one for romantic reading, unless you count Jane Austen, but since I absolutely loved The Notebook, I figured I’d give it a shot. I know it’s weird, I love romantic movies, but just can’t get into the books. I don’t know why! Anyway, I bought it on my iPad a few months ago because Dan had given me an iTunes gift card, which obviously all went to books. (Just to give you an idea of how bad my obsession with books is, I currently have at least 25 books, actual physical books I have not read, and another 25 on various devices. That is a low estimate.) This weekend I had decided two things. 1. I wasn’t putting on grown up clothes. It was a pj weekend. 2. I wanted to spend my time catching up with my inner child. Which means video games, watching movies, and READING! I clicked the little book picture from my iPad and instantly was into the story. I love descriptive writing, it makes my imagination grow wings and I was off! This particular book was one of my favorite types, the kind where different stories appear to be unrelated but then BAM they blend. It reminds me of the Red String, and the show Touch which got canceled in the blink of an eye, and totally made me doubt humanity. Anyway, I’m drifting. I like the idea that all our lives are connected, and that things I do impact others in some way that is unseen or known by me. Because I think that’s true. I think that you touch more lives than you’ll ever know. Drifting again.

Okay, so obviously it was a love story. Or rather a couple of them meshed into one. I loved it! I laughed, I cried! I was enraged and wanted to punch a certain character in a very horrible place to be punched (I imagine, I cannot be punched there, due to my lack of the right parts. ), it was just a wonderful story. It made me think. I like reading or watching things that make me reflect, god knows I need as much personal growth as I can get! HA! This story, it won’t be read by everyone in the world, and it won’t touch every life, but I feel like people that read books join some kind of hidden club where you don’t even know the other members. Because though we all view everything differently, we all had the same experience. So books, like people, are all connected and a part of the red string that holds us together. Back to the book. It made me think about love, about my love in particular, and just in general. I think a lot of people read these kinds of stories, or watch romantic movies, and we think “I want a love like that!” and most of the time they are completely ridiculous, and not at all realistic. But this book wasn’t like that, nobody stood in the rain with a boombox, or waited to the last possible minute to drive to an airport and tell someone they love them. Nobody gave a big speech and said “Choose me. Love me.” It was just about being unselfish, and love. And to me that’s what love is. Or at least one of the things love is.

I love a great love story as much as I love a great book, and I think that the reason why I love love so much is the same reason I love reading. It’s a little bit of magic that’s left in the world. It makes you be a better version of yourself, or should, and it gets you through some horrible times. My sister Jelly and I talk a lot about relationships and about love, and though I’ve been off the dating market a lot longer than I was ever one it, I think I do know about love. Mostly because I know that it isn’t easy, but it’s worth it, and I must be doing something right to have been happily married for almost 11 years. Anyway, I had an a-ha moment! You know, like Oprah invented or coined, or whatever that tricky little warlock vixen does. Oprah or the egg, which came first? Okay, focus. A-ha moment! Are you ready for this?

EVERY. LOVE. IS. A. GREAT. LOVE. not because of boom boxes, or silly long speeches, or because of huge romantic gestures, but because it’s a little bit of magic that makes your heart beat faster and makes you feel like an overfilled balloon. I think every single person who loves another person, in a romantic or non romantic way, has a little bit of magic in their lives. Period. And you don’t need kissing in the rain, or boat rides, or “meet cute”  to make it a great love. Love is just great. So, don’t be jealous of books or movies, and don’t wish for something more spectacular than you have, because if you have love… it’s already pretty damned spectacular. To me love isn’t about always getting flowers, it’s about someone that will rub vapor rub on your chest, or hold your hair while you puke, who eats dinner even when it’s burnt and asks for seconds, who keeps eye contact with you even when a super model with watermelon bust walks by, it’s about the little things that make you smile and the big things that you cling to when you have hard times. Maybe that’s the hippie and hopeless romantic in me. Flowers are pretty, love is beautiful, and if we all just loved one another… you get it.

I just know that when you have these thoughts, the ones that just BAM! present themselves to you like a wave of YEAH, THAT’S IT! I GET IT! I think that you’re supposed to share it. Maybe we all don’t get all the answers all the time, maybe we’re just not supposed to. Maybe the beauty of the world is that we don’t get it all but we get enough, and what we have is what we need, and the rest just falls into place or just doesn’t matter. But maybe the inner universe gives us just a little taste of what KNOWING is, and I think that’s what those A-ha moments are. They’re little moments where the veil of knowing and not  knowing gets a little thinner and we get just a little taste of it. I have them outside a lot, little moments where I’m like “God, that’s beautiful.” “I get it. Thank you for showing me that. ” Who knows, maybe this entire blog post is just silly and makes zero sense to anyone, but maybe one person will read it and they’ll “get it” and they needed it today. Either way, I had an a-ha moment and decided to share. Long story short, The Longest Ride is a great book and you should read it! 🙂


X’s and o’s,

Lulu of DivineLuluCreations


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