Meet the Silly Bears!

I’ve been having an absolute blast making my little Silly Bears lately, which is no excuse for the lack of blogging….but can you blame me?  They’re so fun to make! Don’t get me wrong, I love creating all of my little goodies that end up in my Etsy shop, but it’s different to create something with a little face… it’s like once you sew on the limbs and the little face it gets it’s on personality. I love picking out fabric and imagining what that fabric says about the little bear…. it’s just loads of fun!  

Meet the Silly Bear Family 

These two little dears have been purchased and have new homes in NY and NC! Meet Twiggy, and Jelly Bean! 




This little darling was a birthday present for my Aunt Jeanne… My grandmother always grew sunflowers and my aunt has always loved angels so I knew she would love Greta, named after my Grams. 




These little cutie pies are currently listed in my Etsy shop



Easy to see why I love making them so much, isn’t it?! I have to admit, I’m quite addicted to the little dears! In fact, I have 4 already cut and ready to sew as soon as I get my order of safety eyes and noses in (coming tomorrow, squee!). I love the way they look so far… Now to come up with names! 🙂 I’d love to hear suggestions! 





As always, thank you for reading and sharing my little world and creations! I hope you have a wonderful spring day!


Lots of X’s and O’s,

Lulu of DivineLuluCreations


One thought on “Meet the Silly Bears!

  1. I own Twiggy and I gotta tell you how FUN this cutie is just to have in my workroom! Beautifully inspiring and uplifting colors and styles professionally handcrafted by Ms. Lulu!!! Just PERFECT! I’m a shop owner so I know quality! I ALWAYS shop here!!! I LOVE this shop!!!

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