Beary Fun

I have been having such a blast making my little silly bears! I love learning new techniques and finding the perfect fabric and seeing it all come together. I already have fabric and tulle ordered for my next little sleuth of bears. Did you know that that’s what a group of bears is called? A sleuth! You learn something new every day! So before I spend my week creating more little sweeties, I thought I’d do a show and tell for the ones I made last week. Here they are! Ta-Da! Meet the newest Silly Bears



Meet little miss Winifred, aka “Winny”!

Winny is a silly little bear with big big dreams, one day she wants to be a prima ballerina!! 




Dear Prudence is just waiting to dance around her new home!

Prudence is a sensible little bear who loves the Beatles,

dancing about in tutus, and giggling is her most favorite. 





Spunky little Kalliope is a silly little bear with a very wild imagination.

She loves to read, snuggle, and absolutely adores all things polka dots, like lady bugs!

I wonder why…. 🙂




Sweet little Iris (which means colorful, or rainbow),

is a silly little bear with a very colorful and bright personality!

Smiling is her favorite, and most days you can find her skipping around picking flowers.



Thanks for visiting my little bear sleuth! I hope you are starting your week with joy and happiness, and that it continues to blossom all week long! I try my best to “plant good seeds” for my week and I hope you do too! 


Love and Hugs,

Lulu of DivineLuluCreations


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