Sunday Funday

Wowwee yesterday was great! I was in rare form and totally focused on getting everything done. I managed to finish my little birdhouses that I’m giving away as little extras for Mother’s Day…Want a peek? Okay okay, but shhhhh don’t tell Mom.


You know I had to go with pastels and glitter, I just can’t help myself! I have to do some touch ups today, but otherwise they are done. I learned my lesson with glitter paint… get the color you want and then get a glitter top coat… otherwise you have to do 10+ coats trying to get it dark enough to where the wood doesn’t show through. Live and Learn!!! I also finished up my custom order for dishcloths yesterday, which I didn’t think I was going to get done. It takes around 3-4 hours per cloth. I think they turned out great though. If you’re curious, here’s the finished product….


I even managed to clean up the house yesterday and take some time for myself. I finished my book and started my Monday with a clean slate, clean house, weekend projects completed and ready to take on the new week. Today is a little bit bittersweet for me because it’s the last day of bootcamp… but more on that later! I’ll post another blog entry later today talking more about that… now I’m off to make some coffee and check in with my girlies from HMC.

X’s and O’s,



Upcyled DYI Mothers Day Gift Idea

I love upcycling or recycling trash/old things and giving them a new life. Not only do you save a lot of cash, and who doesn’t need that? It’s also a great way to personalize a gift! With Mother’s day coming up, I thought this was the perfect time to share a DYI you have the supplies for already at the house that you can upcycle into fun new gifts for Mom! What Moms don’t enjoy handmade gifts? It’s easy peasy and should take you just a few moments. There are only 2 steps!

A fun personalized sunglasses case for Mom!

Supplies you’ll need:

Sewing machine, or thread and needle to hand sew.

An old hot pot pad


Step 1: Iron out your hot pad and fold it in half with the “pretty” side inside for now. We’re going to turn it inside out again, but we want to hide our thread and stitching nicely inside. So your case is inside out for the moment, decide which of the 3 open sides you want to be the “top” where you put the glasses, and then sew up the other two sides. I like to leave an inch on the long side unsewn, so it  has a little bit of a flap for easy use of sliding the glasses in and out, but that part is up to you!

Step 2: Turn it right side out! Cute little case right? Now pick a few buttons that you think mom would like, or go nicely with your case and apply them as you like to the outside. You can also use an iron on applique or anything you like to just “pretty up” and decorate as you see fit. You can leave it as is if you like how it looks!


Mine is a little tattered because my dog thinks anything that doesn’t move is fair play to chew on. So I guess step 3 would be DON’T let you dog eat your DYI!

Easy right?? I think so!

A fun and penny pinching way to finish it off is to wrap this gift and any others you have to give Mom with the funny pages from a newspaper, it gives it a lot of personality and is a great way to reuse your old papers! You can also invest in some very inexpensive brown bag wrapping paper, then you can glue on glitter, ribbons, draw on it, put Mom’s favorite poem or song lyric on it – the decorating options are endless! If you garden, you can finish off the gift wrapping by cutting one of your flowers and taping that to your brown bag wrapping job. It’s a pretty little finish that goes a long way!

Remember the best gift you can give Mom is taking some time to show her you care – a hug and an “I love you” go a long way!

I’ll be sharing more DYI and Upcyling and Recycling tips frequently on this blog. They’re fun projects and nobody likes to save money more than I do! 🙂

X’s and O’s,