Goodbye, Dexter – Hello, not so great new shows.

First of all – if you HAVE NOT watched the series finale of Dexter, stop reading! Seriously, close the window and come back when you have, I do not want to ruin the end for you and there will be spoilers here! Last chance……

Okay, if you’re still reading I assume you’ve seen the last new episode of Dexter that’s ever going to air, sad face. Or you don’t watch Dexter at all and don’t care (Which can’t be true, right?? Watch it! It’s got something for everyone!). Let me first start by saying that I’ve loved and watched Dexter from the very beginning, but… if I’m being honest… I’m a little disappointed. Maybe no matter what the ending was I would have been displeased because I’m a huge fan and saying “goodbye” to my little murderous weirdo hearth throb is a huge bummer. I don’t know man, it just felt like it didn’t really end so much as fade to black in a new life that we never know about.

Dan and I both were a little disappointed with the lead up to the end of the series we adored and watched together (one of VERY few shows we both really enjoy and like watching together, even though he’s a big Cheaty McCheater pants and totally always reads episode recaps prior to watching the show. I mean, who even does that?? Silly men.) but we were hoping for a BIG FINISH like every other season has provided. Leading up to the last 10 minutes of the last episode (again, super sad face) we were talking and figuring out where it was going (though really it was just Dan humoring me because the little ass had already read and knew what was going to happen.) I thought 1. Dex and Saxon would kill each other like some weird giant squid/whale fight and the “monster” would take out the “MONSTER”. Or 2. Dex would kill Saxon and skip off to Argentina to be the Clyde to Hanna’s Bonnie, with cutie pie harrison along for the ride. OR 3. Dex would die in the ocean with Deb….. So imagine my shock as I’m getting ready to turn off the tv happy that it had a great ending…when behold… Freaking lumberjack Dex. REALLY? So… just wait… let me get this straight. I totally get that he wanted to save those around him from himself, and that literally everything in his past has ended up with those who loved him and he loved to end up dead in some horrific and violent way… but seriously? Sigh. It is what it is. I’m sad that they opened a new door without exploring what is really behind it, but I’m grateful he’s alive and starting over – whatever that may mean for him. I guess I’m just not happy because I seriously HAVE to know the end to things. So now I want to know all about this new starting over life. Does he still kill? Will he ever find Harrison and Hanna and be a little family unit? As always the writers of the show have totally mind blown me and then rode off into the sunset….. apparently to be lumberjacks.

In other news, I watched the new shows “Mom” and “Dads” which are apparently unrelated and have nothing to do with each other, much like my own Mom and Dad – BADDABING! Anywho, I love Seth Green – like I would have his little Greenie babies, I’ve always been a huge fan and watched the most ridiculous stuff just to hear his voice/see him. Like some weird cartoon that’s about star wars but not, and a chicken? I don’t know. I just know I watched it, because he was involved. Dads is okay. It’s not horrible, it’s not great, it just is. Which is honestly better than a lot of shows that have huge followings. Coughcough 2 Broke Girls cough cough. I don’t know, I like shows that have hidden humor. Smart little gems hidden into the writing. Castle, Big Bang Theory, Whitney. So, Whitney is gone but 2 Broke Girls is a hit? Someone explain this to me! Oh, right, back on track… Mom is also “Eh.” I would say it’s a lesser “eh” than the eh I gave to Dads, mostly because some of it made me roll my eyes so hard I believe I gave my eyes whip lash. Again, not horrible. Not great. I’m hoping that because they are NEW shows they are just dealing with the awkward baby bambi legs and will become watchable programs, mostly because I’m running out of shows to watch. Breaking Bad series finale is Sunday, so I’m down two shows! Anyone have any recommendations? Aside from 2 broke girls, which Dan already makes me watch, but that I hate. I need something that I can talk Dan into watching too because if our t.v. time is left up to him I’ll be watching Mystery Diners, Renovation Realities, Holmes on Homes, etc. This old house. ZZzzzzZzzz So help a girl out! Anyone find any decent new shows?!

Hope everyone is having a super fabulous week, Wednesday is always my Wonder Woman day, I’m too tired Monday to really be productive, Tuesday I manage to get some things done, Wednesday I panic because I have so much to do and try to do it all in one day, Thursday I bask in my wednesday glory and am semi productive, Friday I make my bitch, and I’m utterly useless Saturday and Sunday. So now I can check bloggin’ off my to do list for my Wonder Woman day, hit the showers (I worked out 2 hours, yeah, that’s what’s up) and sew in some elastic for the TWELVE headbands I cut out, sew together, ironed, etc. Told you, Wonder Woman Day! 🙂


X’s and O’s



Geeky Gals Guide to shark week

Yes! It’s my most favorite time of summer, no, I’m not talking about catching rays or faux tanning, or barbeques, though that’s all good fun too! I’m talking about SHARK WEEK! Last night kicked it off right with some awesome shows – including Shark after Dark Live, which I loved! Megalodon was pretty cool, but had a bit of a Mermaids Body Discovered vibe to it, which KIND OF felt like selling out. For me Shark week is all about learning facts, history, and seeing the amazing action shots that those too cool for school guys like Chris Fallon get for us. While there were some actual facts mixed in, it just had a mockumentary feel to it that I’m not used to seeing with shark week. That being said, I DO appreciate that shows like that get people interested and motivated to help protect the ocean and all the magnificent creatures that live there, like my favorite toothy friend – the Great White. If believing in Santa Clause can inspire people to grow up appreciating the tradition, make kids behave (After all, Santa is watching!), and inspire people to open their hearts and be more giving.. maybe believing in Megalodon will inspire the new generation to protect ocean wildlife or learn more about sharks in general. So cheers to them for trying new ways to appeal to a wide range of audience and keeping the interest on shark preservation!

So, how does one prepare for shark week? Well, step one. You absolutely need sharky food. Cold Stone Creamery has an awesome (and oh so tasty!) shark week ice cream this year, which I of course HAD to try! It’s super yummy, and if you sign up for their emails, you get a coupon for a buy one get one free creation – which means unlike the sharks, you don’t have to swim and eat solo, take a CHUM! Baddabing 🙂

There’s also some really cool how to videos on making shark goodies. This one is my favorite by far. Watermelon shark? Uh, yes please! If I wasn’t so lazy I would so make one of these bad boys!

Step 2, You have to embrace the spirit of the shark! I personally like to go for a stealthy shark attack, and this is my weapon of choice.

I recommend humming the jaws music pre-attack, and sneaking up on people. Since my hubby is at work this morning, the cats have already gotten used to my sharky friend and are no longer phased. Sad face. New plan, there may be a shark attack in hubby’s future… maybe the shower? No place is safe!

Step 3, DVR is your bestie. We can’t sit around all day and watch only shark week…. well, I mean, we COULD. I prefer to record and swim right through those commercials though. Saves time for more sharky goodness!

Step 4. Buy 100 shark teeth to make various toothy jewelry. Okay, so not everyone needs to do this one. But I felt the need! I do love Ebay, because when I get a crazy idea, it always has the answer to my whim. So, pretty soon you’ll be seeing me sport my new goodies, and peddlin them like a gypsy in my Etsy shop.

And finally, take a new outlook on life. “Live every week like shark week” Sharks are like giant toothy honey badgers, they don’t give a shit! They want to see what you are, what you taste like, if they can’t eat you, they don’t care! Clearly this fish has it allllll figured out, 99 problems but fish ain’t one. Don’t stress, be like a shark! And if that can’t keep your chin up, no matter HOW bad your day is, just remember – at least you aren’t a seal! 🙂 Enjoy shark week, I know I will!! But first I have to break in my new kicks I got over the weekend and burn off that shark week ice cream!



Blessed is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh

It’s been a little while since I last wrote about a book or movie (I think Life of Pi was the last one I talked about), but that’s because most movies, documentaries, or books, they just don’t open up that inner dialogue as much as others. Sure, I watch T.v or movies almost every day, and I enjoy it, it’s a good source of “sit and watch” entertainment that takes little thought or action. It’s usually on in the background while I crochet or make things, today I have a great one to share though! Blessed is the Match is a docudrama written about the life of Hannah Senesh, and her death… I think mostly it’s about using your voice to put some light into the world, and shows that one voice does make a difference. I had never heard of Hannah before, which was surprising for me because I do read and watch a lot of documentaries about the people from that time and how the war impacted their lives or what side they stood on. i don’t want to ruin the journey for those that plan on watching the film or reading the many books about her, but I will say that she was an exceptional person, and if you wake up one day and feel like it’s hard to get up in the morning – watch this. Through overwhelming adversity, struggle, and cruelty she shines in her poetry, her compassion for others, and her pride of who she is. Watching or reading these kinds of things always overwhelms my emotions. It’s hard for me to watch someone so pure and so lovely go through so many horrible injustices. I’ve watched films about the lives of people on both sides of the coin and I always end up with an inner dialogue about myself. Would I be brave and stand up for what I truly believed even if it cost me my life? Would I be able to do the right thing, or help those I loved avoid being persecuted for no reason? How could something on this scale happen? How could a few sparks of cruelty and malice turn into such a huge fire that spread across so many countries? How did people let this happen? It amazes me the stories of bravery and kindness, empathy and love, dedication and hope that I read about or watch about the survivors, people that helped, and people that fought for what was right, and then it breaks my heart when I hear the flip-side of that, all the horrible injustice, the cruelty, the outright evil that people had to endure. How do so many people turn their backs and hearts on the one true principle we as a species should scream from our being? We’re all people. We love differently, think differently, act differently, pray to different gods, live differently and look differently, but at our very core we all are the same. We are people. How can you look into the eyes of another person and not see a soul? How can you take a young girl at 22 and murder her, just for trying to help her mother and her people? It breaks my heart, but it’s beautiful. I think that in a place filled with darkness, that’s when you see the twinkle of a small light the best. I’m so very glad that I got to hear her story, and I hope that everyone watches it. Keep some kleenex with you!

Here is one of her poems, just to give you a taste of her inner beauty and beautiful spirit.

“One – two – three… eight feet long
Two strides across, the rest is dark…
Life is a fleeting question mark
One – two – three… maybe another week.
Or the next month may still find me here,
But death, I feel is very near.
I could have been 23 next July
I gambled on what mattered most,
The dice were cast. I lost.”
This poem was found in her death cell, after she was executed.
I know this is heavy reading on the heart for a Monday morning, but please don’t take it as such. It’s meant to be uplifting, inspiring, and celebrate the undying human spirit! So, let’s all make the world a little bit brighter today, please? Smile at a neighbor or stranger, open the door for someone else. 🙂 Let’s make this week a great week!
X’s and O’s,

Rainy Tuesday Ramblings

Well well well, looks like SOMEONE played hooky from blogging yesterday… oops! 🙂 I took a much needed (and I feel like earned) day off! It was awesome. I unplugged from the computer, from working, from housework – I literally just took a day to do nothing (or nothing productive). I spent my day killing zombies (Hooray for Dead Island on the Xbox 360), watching Life of Pi, and vegging out. I even managed to squeeze in a nap! I have to remind myself that it’s important to give yourself breaks, and that just because there’s 30 things on my daily to-do list, it doesn’t mean if they don’t all get done it’s the end of the world.

Sometimes I feel like my days are spent just working and not taking the time to actually smile, laugh, have FUN and be present. I always feel so much better after I take a break and just relax my mind and body. I had a rough weekend and let myself get way too stressed out about small potatoes. I think sometimes when you’re exhausted and you’re doing so much but not seeing instant results, it just makes you even more exhausted. You spend hours cleaning just to have the house be a disaster the next day… I’m sure everyone can relate! So after talking to my Mom and Sister, who both said I needed to give myself a day off… I hate to admit – they were totally right!

So, before I tell you all about Life of Pi, I’ll catch you up. Remember my fringed out red scarf I was talking about last week? It’s all done and you can find it here.


Today I made my hubby some weather proof tool covers to put over the back of his truck and I’m going to start a new project.


My awesome big sis in her infinite coolness bought me some rad neon pink yarn, which I plan on making into cool crochet bracelets with a few patterns I found online. I’m excited to have something that’s much less time consuming to create, because as much as I love sewing and making necklaces, crocheting is my true love. I hope they turn out as cool as they look in my head, I’ll do show and tell for them next week if they do. If not, well then let’s just forget I told you about them. 😛

Alright, So.. Life of Pi, if you haven’t seen it yet, PLEASE watch it! It’s rare for me to watch a movie or read a book and feel like it has made me appreciate the world and how I see it, or feel like it truly touched me or could be life changing. This is one of those rare finds! It’s beautifully done. I laughed, I cried, it made me question the world and how I see it and impact it. It made me question faith, what faith is to me. It’s just one of those rare pieces that make you think, and that’s hard to find nowadays. It’s already at the top of my list. I’m sure everyone has books, movies, songs that touch them and change how they see things, feel things, remind them of the beauty of life and love. What are some of yours?

Here are a few of mine, there really are a lot of each category but these are the stand out ones.


Love Actually

Vanilla Sky

Life of Pi

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind



She’s come undone

Running with Scissors

White Oleander

A child called it (Which still makes me cry, even just thinking about it, and makes me want to hug and adopt every single child in the world.)

I love music and movies and art, and all these tools that we use in storytelling and as expression. It amazes me how we all connect on so many levels and how even if we’re completely different people or come from opposite worlds – we all connect and our lives touch in all these small ways. It’s beautiful and it makes my soul smile. So, that’s it for my reflective rainy Tuesday. I’m going to try and make Jenny a super rad bracelet and then wait for hubs to get home and have a quiet night catching up on shows. Has anyone been watching the Following? Aaaah, I’m so addicted! I hope everyone is having a great week, and if you’re not – change it!



The Tigers Wife

I had such a nice time talking about my last book “The Book Thief” that I decided this will be a continued topic in my blog – What I read and my reaction to it is a huge part of my time and who I am, and I think that it will be a great way to allow people into that very private and vulnerable part of my mind and how I think. What better way to get to know me than to see the world (at least the written world) through my eyes.

So, our next book is The Tigers Wife by Téa Obreht. For whatever reason, I keep finding myself reading about War and the people that it so deeply affects. Here is a brief little blurb about the story from Amazon

Weaving a brilliant latticework of family legend, loss, and love, Téa Obreht, the youngest of The New Yorker’s twenty best American fiction writers under forty, has spun a timeless novel that will establish her as one of the most vibrant, original authors of her generation.

In a Balkan country mending from years of conflict, Natalia, a young doctor, arrives on a mission of mercy at an orphanage by the sea. By the time she and her lifelong friend Zóra begin to inoculate the children there, she feels age-old superstitions and secrets gathering everywhere around her. Secrets her outwardly cheerful hosts have chosen not to tell her. Secrets involving the strange family digging for something in the surrounding vineyards. Secrets hidden in the landscape itself.

But Natalia is also confronting a private, hurtful mystery of her own: the inexplicable circumstances surrounding her beloved grandfather’s recent death. After telling her grandmother that he was on his way to meet Natalia, he instead set off for a ramshackle settlement none of their family had ever heard of and died there alone. A famed physician, her grandfather must have known that he was too ill to travel. Why he left home becomes a riddle Natalia is compelled to unravel.

Grief struck and searching for clues to her grandfather’s final state of mind, she turns to the stories he told her when she was a child. On their weeklytrips to the zoo he would read to her from a worn copy of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, which he carried with him everywhere; later, he told her stories of his own encounters over many years with “the deathless man,” a vagabond who claimed to be immortal and appeared never to age. But the most extraordinary story of all is the one her grandfather never told her, the one Natalia must discover for herself. One winter during the Second World War, his childhood village was snowbound, cut off even from the encroaching German invaders but haunted by another, fierce presence: a tiger who comes ever closer under cover of darkness. “These stories,” Natalia comes to understand, “run like secret rivers through all the other stories” of her grandfather’s life. And it is ultimately within these rich, luminous narratives that she will find the answer she is looking for.

The book weaves stories, myths, history, and all the characters lives together seamlessly. The descriptive writing not only keeps you interested and curious about how it all comes together, but it makes you feel like you’re above the characters, watching their lives carry on without being seen. I love the way “The Tiger” ties up loose ends in all the stories, it’s like watching a beautiful patchwork quilt being sewn stitch by stitch to perfection, all with words and different lives. The end result is a masterpiece filled with a wide ranging emotions, and leaves a positive taste in your mouth. I love books (music, and movies as well) that cause you to think about your life, your interactions, and how they weave into other lives to make this great history you may not even be aware of. I often wonder whose lives I’ve touched without knowing, a simple smile or a hug on a day when someone needs it most, a heartfelt post on this blog or random online thread. I know that there have been many times where another person has touched my life and I never thought to tell them so, or never saw them again. To me, it means that we are all more than what we think, that our small lives are woven into something greater and we continue on forever in a small but important way. I do hope that I make a difference to someone’s life, even in a small way, even if I never know it. See how much the book makes you think? What a powerful thing words can be! I hope that you read The Tigers Wife, and that you enjoy it as much as I did. Have YOU ever had someone touch your life in a profound way and never got the chance to say “Hey, you made a difference!” Leave it in a comment here, maybe they’ll see it…., most likely not – but at least you’re putting your thanks into the universe and somehow maybe they’ll feel that. You make a difference in my life, just by reading my thoughts and words – and I thank you for that!

I’ve already started my next book adventure, and am currently reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I’m already a fan of it, as I’ve seen the movie and really enjoyed it. For me, the books always outshine the movies, and I’m curious if the book can live up to the film. I’ll let you know! I hope everyone is having a good week and you find the time to settle in with a good book and go on a little adventure.