Coming into bloom

This year has been so amazing, for so many reasons. I started the 2013 with the thought that I have almost every year “This is going to be MY year! I’m going to make my life the way I want it” This year was different, because I think I was actually ready to make those important changes. I’ve known for a long time that life doesn’t provide to you all your dreams, you have to get up every single day with dedication and persistence and chase them down. That’s what this year has been for me, and I’m so PROUD of myself for the first time in a long while. I have set so many outstanding goals for myself and I’ve actually MET them, which is such a wonderful feeling!

For those that have followed along on my little journey of self realization and discovery, you may remember that at the beginning of the year I had a few goals I wanted to meet and was making new ones for myself once I reached them, I think THIS was the most up to date list.

I’ve made a lot of progress on most of them, and I’m so happy that even though I’m not 100% successful all of the time with everything I touch, the things that I really want and that REALLY matter, I can do! I’ve lost 108 pounds, I’m 1 sale away from my 100th sale, can you believe that?? And life is just… Good. No, it’s pretty GREAT actually. Not because I’m perfect, or everything is perfect (Trust me, if you could see my messy house, lord have mercy!) but because it’s a work in progress and that gives me a lot of hope. I’m going to do great things, because I’m going to MAKE it so, and more importantly this year I’ve learned that I deserve great things. Everyone does. So even though things are far from perfect, and I have toddler like meltdowns because I feel like I’m a big ball of stress, I’m choosing to be happy. Mhm, that’s right, even when I have a nasty day, or feel overwhelmed – I’m gonna be happy! So take THAT, stress! 🙂

Joy and peace of mind aren’t easy to come by. You have to chase them down, tackle them to the ground, take their lunch money (Woah, okay, that might be taking it too far) and tie yourself to them. I’m planting my feet in my joy! SPEAKING of planting, I’ve decided to garden! I’m growing some lovely sunflowers in honor of my grams, some baby bush watermelons, and some pumpkins – hooray!

Okay, now that I’ve rambled… let’s see…. what else to catch up on.

Oh, I celebrated my 10 year anniversary with my awesome hubby July 11th, that was AMAZING.

My niece turned 13, holy smokes! What a beautiful young lady she is… and it makes me realize how freaking OLD I am!

Dan got a huge 700 dollar speeding ticket, fuck you very much Georgia.

And Olive and Jingles are finally, almost, kind of , sort of, best friends… sometimes.


Okay, whew! I think that’s it. I really need to get back on my game of blogging every week – it’s too hard to catch up when I don’t! I’ve been walking 5+ miles every day and needless to say I’m POOPED when I’m done. So forgive my absence please! ❤ and hugs to everyone. I hope everyone is doing fabulous! And for a new reader or follower, Hi! I promise I’m not always so long winded, and thank you all for reading my words and therefore learning a little bit more about me as a person and my life.

x’s and o’s



Celebrate every victory

I’ve been working for 225+ days trying to hit the 100 pound lost mark, and I finally did it June 12th!!!! While I’m not exactly where I want to be yet, I’m SO proud of myself for getting where I AM. I think sometimes we all get caught up in improving ourselves, our business, our lives that we don’t take pause to celebrate what we’ve already accomplished! So – I’m determined to do that! I’m so happy that I’m on the road to being a healthier person and that all the work I’ve done mind, body, and soul is making me a happier girl. I’ve been trying to go out of my way to put kindness into the world and only good, keeping my mind and heart free from the weight of things I can’t control, and it has been working. I have gotten so much good back that it just proves what I always thought and believed to be true, you truly DO “Get what you give”. I cannot thank everyone enough for all of your kind words to my sister the past week and all the support and love I get from everyone in my life every day. A good friend of mine (Thanks lisa) told me that you get to a point in your life where you decide you only want to keep the good people, the ones that lift you up and make you better instead of tugging you down and I think I’m at that point. Having toxic people makes YOU toxic. You really can be guilty by association, while people do not control your life, decisions, and feelings unless you let them – being around happy uplifting people motivates YOU to be the same. Misery loves company, but I’m too busy with Joy – sorry Misery!

If you follow this blog then you know that a couple of weeks ago it felt like the poo hit the fan, everything was falling down around me and I kept telling myself “It will pass, I’ll be stronger for it” and I am. Every little bump in the road or obstacle or heart ache I’ve ever had has made me a stronger and more compassionate person, I KNOW that I can do what I need to do on my own, and I’m lucky enough to not have to do it alone. I have such a great family, team mates, and friends and husband that lift me up when I’m down. I still miss my little peanut, and still cry when I think of how he’s gone, but it gives me peace knowing he isn’t in pain, isn’t fighting through the day, struggling to see and to be able to move without pain. I did the right thing, and sometimes the right thing hurts, but it doesn’t make it any less right.

I think that people wait to be happy. We all put markers on things we want done and say to ourselves “I’ll be happy when…” ” i lose 20 pounds” “I meet a good man” “I make more money”, and then guess what, we get there and we find another reason to delay the joy. I’m happy NOW, right here, right now! Happiness isn’t perfect, it isn’t about having ONLY good days and only good things happen to you, that is a charmed life and doesn’t belong to anyone. (Even the rich and famous) Happiness is imperfect and having bad days but still being able to see the good around you, because it’s there! Sometimes the rain clouds come in and we just can’t seem to find the light, but it’s there, we just have to keep looking. So, if you’re having one of those days or weeks, or hell even years, smile. Because it will only get better from here, find something to be happy about every day. Thinking happy thoughts really CAN make you fly! So, here’s my happy thoughts for today

  • Hubby is home for a week!
  • My little kitties are tiny terrors, but love me and trust me.
  • I have lost a freaking 100 pounds, that’s a tiny person! I have lost a tiny person!
  • My sister is okay and has less worries.
  • I have amazing friends, family, and even strangers when given a reason to be kind, ARE.
  • I love myself, even though I’m not perfect and I’m not who I want to be just yet, I’m okay always being a work in progress and I think I’m pretty freaking peachy keen AS IS.
  • I think you’re perfect too. 🙂

I hope that YOU have a lot of reasons to smile today, and every day! Your day is what you make it, so make today a great day! Smile, and those around you will smile too. Misery loves company, but JOY is contagious! Spread it baby!

X’s and O’s


Singin’ in the Rain

Good Morning! It’s another dreary rainy Monday here in Florida, all the little pets are sleeping and I’m shuffling about in my winter jammies and slippers, yawning every few minutes. What is it about rain that makes you so sleepy?! I’m a happy girl today though! Despite all the rain I’m following the advice of one of my favorite songs and I’m making my own sunshine!

For those of you that read my little blog and have been following along with my goals, I’ve got some exciting updates to share with you!

Holy Goal-y!

  • 500 likes on FB by 7/11 (342 so far) If you haven’t “liked” me, please do! You can find me HERE. I promise not to spam you with silliness. Just the occasional update or inspiration photo/quote and coupons. Who doesn’t love coupons??
  • 150 items listed by 7/11 (I’m currently at 122, with 10 things ready to list whenever the rain goes away!) You can find my new goodies in my shop HERE.
  • *****THIS IS THE BEST ONE***** 100 pounds lost by 7/11. (I’m at 80.2) If I could shoot rainbows out of my ears and throw confetti as you read this, I would. Just do me a favor and imagine it, okay? Thanks!
  • 100 sales by the end of the year (I’m at 70! Wahoo!)
  • 2,000 twitter followers by the end of the year (I’m at 1320, thank you sweet tweeties!)

So as you can see things are going great so far in 2013, and I’m excited to take it all on and see myself getting closer and closer to where I want to be! It’s hard sometimes to stay motivated, but in the end it’s really worth the struggle. I guess the cliche of “Nothing worthwhile ever comes easily” is a cliche for a reason, it’s true!

Today is earth day, and usually I would plant something but since I’m car-less and hubby-less this week, I’m just going to upcycle some things instead. I figure it counts because I’ll be saving something from adding onto the giant trash heap (Remember Fraggle rock? Love that!) and finding it another purpose. My 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up in a few months, and because I’m an overachiever I always get started early 🙂 My hubby and I met during a journalism class at High School, we flirted and were good friends when I broke out the old tried and true “I’m cold” line and he offered up a sweater. I offered at the end of the class to return it (hoping of course he’d say no) and he declined (Thank goodness!) so I kept the sweater for a few weeks, wearing it often. He finally got up the nerve to ask me out on a date, and I said yes. We went to an  awesome outdoor concert featuring several of both of our favorite bands and spent the day walking around, holding hands, hugging, stealing a smooch or two, and just enjoying ourselves… guess what I was wearing? You bet! The sweater! That night in true Danny fashion, instead of asking me to be his girlfriend, between smooches said “We should do this more often?” I said “What? Kiss?” He said “Yeah, but I mean be together.” And that was that. That was 12 years ago this October, and we got married 7/11/03. It’s crazy how time flies! So, almost 12 years later, guess what I still have? THE sweater! So I’m going to upcycle it and give it a new life as a gift to him. I’m thinking a surface sleeve and an envelope pillow case. Anyone have any suggestions?!

I’m counting down the days until he gets to come home next weekend, it will have been 2 weeks of not seeing him, but also 2 weeks since I had a day off from all the daily to-do’s here, so I’m looking forward to both! In the meantime, lots of creating will be going on here. Hope everyone has a great week filled with lots of smiles and happiness!

X’s and O’s,


What’s new, pussycat?

Good Morning! As you can see, I skipped blogging yesterday, so I’m technically a day late (probably also a dollar short)! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! I went over to my in-laws and had a wonderful meal and some time with my precious Nephew – he’s such a little doll! Most of my weekend was devoted to socializing my little kitties I mentioned in last week’s post. Clover’s Kittens are now running amuck in my little work out room (now kitten room) while we clean up, give fresh litter, feed, and snuggle them every 4 hours. I say we, because my husband does “technically” help. I say help loosely 😉 The little darlings are becoming more confident and less fearful of us huge human monsters, which was the idea, and I’m happy all my hard work is paying off and will help them find new homes to be loved. Mommy cat, Clover, was picked up and spayed and is now back to roaming my backyard and the streets. She comes to check in and eat, and I’m sure she’s still missing her babies. I feel bad for her, because I know she loved them and misses them – but I know I did the right thing for all of them, including her. She’ll be happier now and the babies won’t grow up terrified of people and risk being sick or injured by being hobo kitties.

We’ll be taking 4 of the little sweeties to the local SPCA on Friday, which I’m already dreading because I know I’ll cry my eyes out. Sometimes doing the right thing, or the best thing, still hurts like hell. I’m attached to them, and feel like their mom – always thinking and worrying over them. I know they’re going to find great homes though, they’re all sweet and cute as buttons, and due to all my hard work – actually like people and human contact! The one upside to all my babies departing and finding new forever homes is that I’ll get my workout room back, and finally get to set up my new treadmill! I’m so excited and can’t wait to test that bad boy out, the giant box is taking up half my living room and it’s taunting me in the meantime. We’re going to be keeping one of the babies, we’re already slowly introducing her the Jingles (my indoor cat) and Peanut, my old man Chihuahua. We’ve named her/him Oliver or Olive, depending on the sex. I actually googled “How to sex kittens” and found some info (with pictures) about how to tell, but it’s still a mystery to me. All butts look alike to me! Here’s little Oliver/Olive wishing everyone a happy Easter!


What a cutie! I keep going back and forth about which one to keep, mostly because I love them all and want to keep them all. I’m just going to see which one chooses us, and so far that’s Olive. I’m tired, and working overtime to socialize them, which is hard work, but I know it will pay off and they’ll find great homes. Plus, I only have 3 more days with the little darlings, so I’m enjoying the time with them while I can.

Speaking of spending time, Dear Husband is preparing to head off to Miami for a big work project, which means he’ll be gone 40 days. FORTY DAYS! He’ll be trying to come home on weekends, but probably not very often because there’s a lot of work to be done and it’s a 7 hour drive back and forth. :/  I’m going to miss him terribly, and I know my little devil dog will too. Peanut only allows Daddy to do his eye drops for glaucoma without blood, so I’m sure I’ll literally have a lot of blood, sweat and tears during my 40 days. I plan on spending all my time taking care of my now 3 pet household, building up my shop’s inventory and of course working my butt off on my new treadmill! I still have 3 months to meet my goals, so I’m going to be working double time with all my new free time while he’s gone! I think I can, I think I can!

Though this weekend was super busy, I did manage to put a few new goodies in my shop (a couple sold already) so if you have a moment, go check out the new goodies HERE. I also made myself a new bracelet out of some super cool T-shirt yarn I ordered from IdleHandsYarnSupply. I made an extra in blue with a matching necklace scarf, but I’m not sure if I’m going to list them. I love the way they turned out, but I like simple things and I’m not sure they’d appeal to anyone else. I think I always feel that way with my new products, so I’m sure I’m just being shy about it and will end up listing it. Here’s the one I made for myself, what do you think? List the other, or give away as a gift to another minimalistic chick like me?


Hope everyone has a marvelous week – wish the kitties luck in their search for new homes! I’ll update you all next Monday on Olive’s new home life and how the other munchkins take it.

Peace and love and many XO’s,


Monday Mayhem

Oh my goodness, what a day! Has anyone ever had to deal with their Dr’s office and their insurance company about a claim being “denied”? WOW, what a chore! That was how my morning started, talk about having a case of the Mondays! Poor Dan had to go to the Dr for a regular check up, blood work, etc, you know – the usual, a few months ago. We had gotten a bill for the visit, even though we were covered under his new job’s insurance, so of course he called did the whole routine and supposedly got it fixed. Nope! Friday we got a 2nd bill, this time with interest and a stern wording saying we’re “severely behind on payment”. So, I call… After going through the Press 1, press 2, press 3, scream, hold your breath, punch the keyboard, throw your phone routine again and FINALLY get through to a human being…. Just to be asked if I have his permission to discuss his account. “Yes, yes I do, I’m his wife and also on the same insurance provider.” Of course that wasn’t good enough, and she was in a real huff and seriously rude for no reason at all, and got an attitude saying “He’ll have to call and verify that or you won’t be able to access it.” I said “Of course, we wouldn’t want anyone to be angry with your office for paying the bill, Darn those Bill Paying Bandits, making life hard on all of us!”. She didn’t laugh. So I text poor Dan and he calls, she tells him it’s been denied. He tells her it hasn’t, that he’s already spoken to someone yada yada, basically call the insurance company or pay the bill, buzz off. So he texts me back and I call the insurance company again, who thankfully was very polite and helpful (though it did take 20 minutes to get to another HUMAN again). They said the payment was processed on the 5th of Feb and that it should be delivered soon. I call the Dr Office back again and relay the info, again met with a rude attitude. It seems like sometimes you can’t win with customer service. You either get a robot, lots of button pushing prompts, long waits, or when you do finally get a living being, you get attitude. I hate that! I’m so glad that my job enables me to be able to communicate with my customers directly about my products, but if I wasn’t a people person I would probably think of a different job than customer service, considering that is essentially your entire job. Talking to people. I get that Mondays suck, but throwing out ‘tude all over everyone else seems a little obnoxious. Anyway, I’m sure everyone can relate to that so I figured I’d vent a little!

In other news, I’ve been super duper mega deluxe busy and loving it! I’m sure if you read my blog you’ve heard me rambling on and on about goals and I’m super sorry if that’s getting tiresome or boring to read, but it takes up so much of my time and brings me such pride and joy that I love to share that with others. I HOPE that it’s inspirational and motivational and not annoying or obnoxious. Trust that it comes from a place of joy and delight and want to share, and not a bragging or anything else place.

So, goal update!

  • I’ve lost 56 pounds!
  • I have 267 likes on facebook
  • I have 102 items in my shop!

So I guess I need some new goals…

  • Lose 100 pounds total by my 10 year wedding anniversary. (7/11) 44 pounds in 5 months seems totally do able!
  • Have 150 items by that time as well.
  • Have 500 likes on facebook by then.

Wish me luck! I’ve been blessed with a ton of amazing friends and family (and my beautiful and talented team mates and friends from Etsy) and it’s been such a great support system through all of this. Some days you just need to know you have people in your corner rooting you on, and I do and I love you guys for it!

When I first starting making scarves I always loved fringe. I think it looks very hippie boho and gives scarves that little bit of finished flair. I was way too chicken to try, until today! I found a quick and easy How-To and I did it! Here’s the finished product.


You can find it HERE, in my shop.

I hope that everyone else has had a great Monday and has a great week this week! Remember, even though other people can get under our skin… only YOU can decide how your day goes! So make a great week!

Smile, it makes the world brighter and lighter!